Facts About Honeypreet Who Could Be The New Successor Of Ram Rahim!

Honeypreet Insan

Honeypreet Insan – There is unrest in city rots taking place ever since Gurmeet Ram Rahim found guilty in rape case and he is jailed for next 10 years.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim is in Rohtak jail where he will be spending next 10 years. Nevertheless one lady who got attention from media who accompanied Ram Rahim while he was taken to jail the lady is Honeypreet Insan. In the absence of Ram Rahim she might be next chief who will handle Dera Sacha as she is the one who handles maximum tasks at Dera.

Below are few facts about Honeypreet singh

  • Honeypreet is  adopted daughter of Ram Rahim
  • Honeypreet and Ram Rahim are very close to each other and Honeypreet calls herself Papa’s angel. She is the one who handles maximum tasks in Dera.
  • Honeypreet’s real name is Priyanka Taneja but Ram Rahim changed her name to Honeypreet Insan.
  • Honeypreet helps Ram Rahim in almost everything she assisted him in making Ram Rahim’s film as well. She extended her help in form of editor, director and also as actor in Ram Rahim’s movies
  • According to Ram Rahim Honeypreet has played 21 different roles in movie MSG: Hind Ka Napak Ko Javaab and broke Jackie Chan’s record.
  • Honeypreet got married to a follower in Dera namedVishwas Gupta in 1999. However in 2011 Vishwas Gupta appeared in court and reported illegitimate relationship between his wife Honeypreet and Ram Rahim. Later he took his allegations back, after this both Honeypreet and Vishwas got separated and ever since then Honeypreet is living in Dera.
  • Honeypreet is given title of “Guru Brahmachari”
  • Honeypreet Singh is quite active on Face book and Twitter and gives updates on Dera to followers.

We can’t deny the fact there is close proximity between Ram Rahim and “so called daughter” Honeypreet and she is already handling many tasks and hence can be next chief. Honeypreet doesn’t have blood relation with Ram Rahim and so her chances to lead the race increases furthermore.

On the other hand court has given orders to seize property of Dera so let’s wait and see what happens next to Dera, Rahim and Honeypreet!

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