#RIP Manohar Aich : 7 Interesting Facts About Him That You May NOT Know

Facts About Manohar Aich

Facts About Manohar Aich-The Father of Indian Body building.

Manohar Aich left for his heavenly abode but his great legacy will inspire many generations to come.

From being a coconut vendor to a world acclaimed body builder, he is a name to reckon with.

His remarkable life journey is worth a dekko and that’s why have we have compiled some interesting facts about Manohar Aich :

1… He was independent India’s first Mr. Universe. In 1950, at the age of 38, Manohar won the Mr. Hercules contest as well. In 1951, he stood second in the Mr. Universe contest. In 1952, he finally won the Mr. Universe title. After winning this title he was soon popular worldwide.


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