Who Is More Intelligent In The Bachchan House: Amitabh Or Jaya?

We talk about latest controversy where Jaya slammed Shahrukh’s Happy New Year and Amitabh apologised for it! At stake is Abhishek’s non-existing career. What’s happening?

We all know possibly everything that one can know about the first family of Bollywood, The Bachchans!

However, the recent events have left us dumbfounded and forced us to actually question the intelligence and smartness of the leading members of the family, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and his wife, Jaya Bachchan!

Jaya’s Criticism

Recently, Jaya in an interview slammed her son’s latest release Happy New Year as one of the most nonsensical films to be ever made in the country. Well, it isn’t only her son who is a part of the movie, but it is the personal production of the country’s biggest superstar of today, Shahrukh Khan.

To degrade his movie and talk in such a bold language on a public platform requires real guts which hardly anyone in the film industry possess or dream of possessing!

Bravo, Ms. Bachchan!

Amitabh’s Apology

However, immediately to douse the fires, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan sent apology SMS to Shahrukh and Abhishek even went to his house with wife Aishwarya to seek forgiveness in person!

Whoa, Mr. Bachchan!

Is Jaya Right?

This is what perplexed us. As one of the best actresses of Hindi film industry, a veteran and an intelligent person, it makes sense on Jaya’s part to condemn a movie which deserves it.

But what was she thinking as a mother?

She very well knows her son doesn’t have a great career and very few people who offer him work out of sympathy or pity, she goes on to criticize them! How will anyone work with Abhishek in this manner?

This over-pampered son of hers is getting work purely on his parent’s goodwill and now she is hell bent on destroying that as well.

Not good, mam!

Is Amitabh Right?

On the other hand, Big B has done the right thing as a father to pacify the King of Bollywood so that his son remains in the good books and keeps getting work for as long as possible. However, what happened to the biggest superstar, the most intelligent, amazingly well-read on- and off-screen idol of millions who has done intelligent cinema all his life?

Why didn’t he support his own wife since she was stating the ultimate truth?

Not good, sir!

You see, this is a complex situation. As a woman, Jaya let go of her motherly instincts and called a spade as a spade! As a man, Amitabh forgot his professional conduct and acted like an ordinary father!

Abhishek’s Dilemma

About Abhishek, less said the better. Poor fellow, he must be thinking what has he gotten himself into? First he gets super-talented super-successful parents but he himself is good for nothing! Then, his own parents, rather mommy dear, start a campaign to antagonize the very person who gives work to him.

What is he supposed to do?

Well, we think he did the right thing by going over personally with his wife to say sorry!

But, guess what, SRK didn’t even meet them! Gauri, SRK’s wife, welcomed them and took their message!

This so much looks like a scene from a dated Hindi movie where a strong mother takes a right action against big warlord or a mighty big-shot of the society and the weak husband-son duo fall at the big-shot’s feet seeking forgiveness! Not a good scene for such an influential family, not good!

Hope good sense prevails, people who matter are able to make their voice heard, no matter what the consequences and no one has to be diplomatic just because their child’s non-existent career is at stake!

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