5 Evil Doctors Who Took Lives Instead Of Saving

Evil Doctors

Evil Doctors

Doctors have the noblest job in the world to heal and save people.

Our trust in them is so much that we cannot even believe that they can commit any crime, leave alone murders.

And many give them the status of God as they bring people out straight from the jaws of death.

But the society always got a big shock when they used to come across about the news of some doctors  who violated the public trust by committing bestial crimes.

They made their clinics as castle of horrors, their prescription denoted death and medicines were poison. They did these all by wearing a mask of innocence.

But who knew that beneath that mask there was a demon.

These evil doctors took advantage of their power position and some of them named killings as medical curiosities or wrong treatments.

Let’s have a look at some evil doctors :

1.    Harold Frederick Shipman

Harold was a British Doctor and one of the most horrific serial killers in recorded history. He was labeled as ‘Dr. Death’ as he killed over 250 patients.


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