5 Innovations Of The 90’s That This Generation Won’t Relate To At All!

Evergreen 90’s innovations – For today’s youth, the era of 90s is the most nostalgic time. We can actually keep on reminiscing about the things

For today’s youth, the era of 90s is the most nostalgic time.

We can actually keep on reminiscing about the things we used to do without even getting tired. Those long summer holidays at your maternal grandmother’s house, some epic TV series like Hip Hip Hurray, Doordarshan etc. are some of the abstracts from our old times.

The 90’s generation is the one who has witnessed most number of innovations. They have seen the change right from a walkman to an ipod, video game to PSP, a single landline at home to a smart phone and many more.

However, there are also some of the great Indian jugaad or the innovations that we people came up with and today’s children cannot understand!

Cassette and the pen

Our children will never understand the great relation between a pen and a cassette. Whenever the reel of the cassette had a problem, a simple pen would simply fix the problem and make the cassette play smoothly.



Resetting the TV antenna

Everyone would remember resetting the antenna wire of television sets. We ourselves with all the great talent would fix the problem by just setting up the direction of the wire from the terrace. A small resetting was the simple solution.



Fixing the chain of our bicycle

While bicycling around the neighbourhood in evening with friends, many a times the chain of the bicycle would come out. With all the greasy hands, we ourselves would struggle to fix the chain and mend the bicycle that was our first love in those times.



Burning paper in the sun

Almost everyone would agree to the activity that we used to carry out in the sun. It was the moment of great amusement when we would burn the piece of paper with the help of a magnifying glass.



Making house hold items

No one can miss the art and craft classes of the schools where we learnt to make things out of the Paper Maches. Making some new and different stuff with it used to be one happy activity that everyone would enjoy.


This post was all about the nostalgia that every person from the 90’s experience and have some great memories associated with their precious childhood. If only can we relive those lovely moments all over again!

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