These Crimes Committed By Guru Ram Rahim Prove That He Is ROT

Crimes committed by Guru Ram Rahim

Crimes committed by Guru Ram Rahim – This man who was popularly called ‘Pita Ji’ by his disciples (especially women) is a complete piece of shit and that needs no proof after he has been given an imprisonment by the law of India for committing rape.

Yes, I am talking about Guru Ram Rahim who has been a part of n number of heinous crimes which literally can make your blood boil. We jotted down the ill-deeds that this man has been involved into since the time he has become the chief of Dera.

If these points about this man don’t make you feel like hitting the hell out of him then I don’t know what will. Here are the Crimes committed by Guru Ram Rahim that fall under the list of mess he created for people who follow him BLINDLY:

Crimes committed by Guru Ram Rahim

  1. Rape: It is believed that Guru Ram Rahim has raped around 200-250 women including a 16 years old girl whose cries were audible to his bodyguard Beant Singh. According to Beant Singh, the incident where the 16 years old girl was raped happened in Mount Abu’s ‘Satsang’ camp. Beant also confessed that the girl’s loud screams were terrifying.
  2. Castration: Guru Ram castrated around 400 men just to avoid them from impregnating women who were his disciples. He had a secret club named as the “Qurbaani Dal”; it consisted of men who felt glad on being castrated by the Guru in order to be able to meet God directly. It was confessed by Beant Singh after he ran away from Dera because the Guru summoned him to be castrated one morning.
  3. Testis Soup: Yes, you heard that right. This gross-man used to castrate men and boil their genitals in a liquid, forming a soup out of them and used to consume it in order to maintain his vigour. All the men who were castrated later were made to join the Dera Army.
  4. Murders: Guru Ram Rahim has also been involved in numerous murders out of which one was the murder of Fakir Chand. He used to hide the bodies and bury them in the Dera premises itself. All murders have one thing in common and that is, BRUTALITY.
  5. Rituals: He wanted to start his own set of rituals, beliefs and religion which he did somehow and made his followers follow that strictly. One of the rituals he performed was mixing his own blood in Roohafza (flavored syrup for making cold drink) or water and then drinking it. This was one of the most compulsory ritualsfor people who joined him had to follow.
  6. Land: Most of the land that he owned was by unlawful means from small farmers and merchants. His men used to excrete on their lands forcing the land owners to sell their lands to him in not more than Rs.2 – 3. The actual cost of the lands he used to capture were at least Rs. 20 Lakh each.
  7. Daughter: Honeypreet Singh was supposed to be his adopted daughter whom he got married to Vishwas Gupta who once saw them both in their bedroom in a compromising position. He couldn’t take the fact that even after marriage his wife was sleeping with the Guru. He later decided to leave her and go to Panchkula with his family.
  8. Weapons: Last but not the least, this man had gunmen all around him. The weapons that those gunmen used to carry included expensive arms such as AK-47s and others. Out of all the arms he possessed, 60% of them were unlicensed and illegal.

These are just 8 of the crimes committed by Guru Ram Rahim whose followers created havoc after he got what he deserved. It’s so shameful that people like him live in India and above all, they are worshipped and respected. It’s so shameful to know that people need Gurus like him to guide them through life. Horrendous!

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