12 British Slang Terms That You Should Learn And Use While Communicating!

British Slang Terms

British Slang Terms – I’ve observed that Indians mostly use those American slang terms while communicating with others. You know, the American slangs have nearly become a trend, right? It’s like; our sentence is not completed if we don’t use the slangs. Now, I think that Indians are a quick-learner, and that’s why mostly everyone use American slangs nowadays. So, if we can pick up those American slangs, then why not British? I mean, if you learn British slang terms, then two things will happen i.e. you’ll learn a pinch of British language and you can use ‘em in front of others too.

I know that they’ll be impressed. Isn’t that good? I think it’s totally amazing.

So, I’ve learned these words and I’m gonna use ‘em. If you want to do the same, take a look at these British Slang Terms and talk ‘em out. 😉 And also, just in case you come across a British person, he/she will be impressed too.

  1. Gobby

Now, I think that we all need this word. Suppose you’re in a train and there are some guys or say girls who are talking too loudly or in an offensive way, then you can just talk to your friend like “Damn, he is being so gobby”. Yeah, you can explain it to your friend later, but at-least you’ll be done delivering what you wanted to say.

  1. Brass Monkeys

Ok, some of you might need this one too. It actually means “Cold weather”. So, nowadays, the weather is usually pretty cold, so you can say like “Wear this sweater, because outside it’s a brass monkeys”. Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Legless

Well, in British, legless means “extremely drunk”. Yes, nowadays we all go to parties and stuff, and we meet people who are totally drunk. So, if you want to talk about somebody who is drunk, then you can just say “Somebody needs to drop him home, ‘cause he is legless”.

  1. Scrummy

You can use this on birthdays. If you’re in-love with the cake, then say “Wow, the cake was so scrummy”. Scrummy means “Delicious”.

  1. Minted

You can use this term for all the celebrities out there. Yes, because they’re rich, right? Well, Minted actually means “wealthy”. So, you can say “Damn, these celebs are so lucky, they all are minted”.

  1. Knackered

You know, after a long tiring day when you come back home, and then there’s always someone who texts you saying “Hey, what are you doing or how are you?”, then you can simply say “Dude, I’m totally knackered”.

Knackered means exhausted”.

  1. Cock Up

Now, this might sound a little weird for some people, but the British meaning is really cool. Cock up means “a mistake or failure”. So, you can say like “Damn, I really cocked up at work”.

  1. Wanker

You might think that your best friend is a Wanker, but maybe he is not. Oh yeah, you’re confused? Wanker actually means “Asshole”. Yep, so you’re free to use this British insult word freely.

  1. Hunky-Dory

Now, suppose you had a fight with your wife in front of all your family members, and then the other day, they’re asking you “How is the situation now”? Just tell ‘em “Everything is Hunky-Dory”.

Yeah, they might not get it, but tell ‘em that it means “Normal”.

  1. Wazzock

We all meet Wazzocks in our life and thus we need this word. Wazzocks actually mean “an idiot”. Yes, so you can say that “Your so and so friend was totally acting like Wazzock”.

  1. Tosh

For all the people who are wondering “What the hell is this?” let me tell you that “I’m not talking tosh”. Tosh means “Rubbish”. I hope you get it now 😉

  1. Cheers

At the end of this article, you might need this word. See, I know that you’ll think that cheers means “celebration”, but wait, in British, it means “Thanks”. Yep, so you have to repeat this now “Cheers for letting us know these British slang terms” 😉

Do you have anything to say about these British slang terms? If yes, then let us know in the comment section below.

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