Bollywood Actresses’ Underwear Auctions! Loads Of Money!


There are hordes of charities and auctions and what not to raise money for elections, to help the underprivileged and also to bring some relief to the destitute sections of the society!

Well, nothing can ever match an auction, which calls for a shout-out for Bollywood Divas’ Underwears!!….

Oooops Lingerie I mean!

Yes, I mean I am talking about Bollywood Actresses’ Underwear Auctions!

No, I am not talking about the regular boring grandma style cotton underwear they wear, but the sexy silky stylish lingerie owned by the gorgeous hot girls!

See, the mere mention of their lingerie has sent your blood pumping and made you excited, isn’t it?

Just imagine the impact it would have on all those die-hard fans of our sizzling babes and won’t they open their loaded wallets to bid for the aroma and get a piece of action?

This might sound a bit over the top, but hey what the hell! Actors and actresses earn their millions by working their ass off and only a few of them are comfortable by sharing a bit of it considering how insecure their career is. They just want to save every rupee for the uncertain future of this profession.

But their intention to give it back to society needs to be believed and therefore we thought of bringing this solution!

Since we are a cinema crazy nation and love our actresses to the core, there are enough crazy fans who would go to any length to get close to their film-idols and objects of fantasy. Now auctioning their cutleries and saris and dresses and other regular stuff can definitely raise some money, but not even close to what their sexy lingerie can command! May be some lingerie an actress used in a famous love-making scene. Or maybe a two piece bikini that she adorned in a popular romantic duet. The list is endless guys, and the scope to make millions out of these colourful teeny-weeny objects, which are not even seen most of the times, is simply huge!

Also, if it is not too much to ask, the item of auction can be accompanied by a picture of the celebrity actually wearing it! Now that can come like a bonus as a souvenir for the highest bidder to hold close to his heart. He can leave it as a part of his legacy for future generations or that could become an artefact for coming generations like a treasure trove! Like we said, the possibilities are endless! Just the urge to do something good for the society and give some love in any form, is what is important.

This way the lingerie making companies can also feel proud for making a product, which actually has the potential to change lives!

No, not the lives of the poor people, but the actresses who wore them and titillated scores of men and earned millions!

Anyways, there are ways to raise money without stooping too low or compromising in life.

Always better to auction underwear, if it truly holds value!

For Bollywood divas, their underwear might be worth millions!

Go for it, girls!

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