NH10: Finally A Trailer That Doesn’t Glamorize Misery

There is no doubt that the NH10 Trailer is power packed and very intensely gory yet gripping.

Anushka Sharma’s glimpses are shockingly brilliant that would send tremors down your spine.

The question I want to put forth is that if it seriously intends to bring out the story on crime and talk about the uncivilized existence that still persist in our country or is it just another commercial blockbuster?

The film has scenes that are disturbing but after a long time I actually watched a film that clearly defines the dark in the negative aspect.

The presentation of the noir genre in a film was ambiguous in our Hindi movies. The lines between darkness and glamorizing beauty were blurred.

In cinemas especially Bollywood movies that we see there had always been an attempt to glorify misery – be it the attempt to titillate the gruesome crime scenes or stripping clothes for skin show.

Even films that celebrate and talk about a woman’s strength has in a way put other women down to make the movie commercially sellable. For example take the case of the film ‘Mardaani’ starring Rani Mukerji, there is a scene of the torture faced by young girls kidnapped for trafficking.

In that scene the skin show happened in the name of depiction of a crime scene.

The manner in which a message is conveyed becomes a very important point in the audio visual medium as a movie has a greater impact on mindsets. If a murder scene is glorified then the message comes across completely wrong.

In this trailer however the scenes and shots create a negative impact clearly making a statement that it is gruesome.

This demarcation between negative and positive, good and bad is seen in a trailer after a very long time.

The best part about the film is the scene where Anushka Sharma helplessly reminds a police about his duty. He acts indifferent, cut to the next shot where she is seen shouting ‘f**k you’. The juxtaposition of shots is superb and catchy.

Even though there is usage of slangs, they don’t look forced…they justify the depiction of the scene.

This NH10 Trailer gives a clear gory picture while representing the dark realities in our country.

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