Benefits Of Reiki Meditation And How To Do It !

Benefits Of Reiki Meditation

Benefits Of Reiki Meditation – Reiki awards tremendous benefits to the person who practises it. In fact, it tends to make you aware of the cosmic energies present within the depths of your body, which you had hitherto not known.

A Briefing about Reiki

You have to thank Mikao Usui, the Buddhist monk from Japan, for publicising this method of natural healing during the early 20th century. According to him, all the healing lies within your palms! Yes, when you utilise them in the right manner, you will be able to transfer divinely guided life forces into the body, such that physical and mental healing take place.

You are welcome to learn the process, regardless of your age, gender, or the extent of your mental or physical capabilities. Whether you perform Reiki on self or on others, you must remain completely aware of, and fully involved in using, the Reiki techniques. One of the most beneficial amongst the various methodologies is Reiki meditation.

Guide to Reiki Meditation

At the outset, obtain a floor mat and lie down upon it. If you feel that the sitting posture is more comfortable, sit down cross-legged on the mat. Ensure that your spinal cord is erect and your mind is serene. Now, breathe in deeply, believing that only happiness and goodness are entering your body. Next, breathe out deeply, believing that all your fears and anxieties are rushing out of your body. Repeat the breathing process a few times, permitting your mind to calm down.

You must realise that you may require the help of a professional in the initial stages, for you must perform the breathing exercises in the right way, in order to receive maximum benefits. This individual will also guide you about the manner in which you must place the hands on each of the seven chakras and revive its ‘sleeping’ energy. All these chakras are located along the spinal cord, from the top of the head to the base of the vertebral column (spine).

Benefits Of Reiki Meditation

  • Apart from reducing the stress in your life, this kind of meditation will help you sleep well.
  • As your perception and visualisation increase, your conscious and clear thoughts will aid you in resolving all kinds of problems easily.
  • Even your powers of concentration will increase.
  • You will be able to heal yourself, without having to go in for strong meditations or complicated surgeries.
  • Over time, your personality will transform, turning you into an inspiring and charismatic individual.

These are the benefits of Reiki meditation – Reiki has tremendous benefits few are stated in the article you need to learn the art through a professional though!

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