Atika – For The Proud Women Home Owners!


Gone are those days when women were just meant to stay in either their father’s or husband’s house.

Nowadays, they are the queens of their own house whether it is before marriage or after. Women of our generation are strong, independent, fierce, and have the ability to run their world in a way they want.

And when it comes to a house, they are as much capable of buying it as they are of turning it into a home. The people at Origin Corp understand just that and here they are with their amazing initiative called Atika.

Atika is a new project by Origin Corp that is completely dedicated to women and their changing world. In an effort to recognize the capabilities of women and to provide them some more importance in this world, Origin Corp has come up with this amazing concept in Mira Road. Atika is for the women, by the women, and of the women.

The major aim of this project is to provide women with the feeling of self-belongingness and give them a place that they can call their own.

At Atika, the emphasize is on keeping the house in the name of the woman and having her name on the front door too. Wondering why their name should be there?

Their #MyHomeMyName video perfectly details why, you will definitely agree after watching this video, right?

What’s more? Well, the society is well made with the aim of providing women safety, keeping an all women staff for both security and maintenance.

They want the women to feel safe when they are in the society and are keeping an eye on them through surveillance. This is one of a kind revolution in the history for the rising women housing sector and it’s expected from women to turn out into huge numbers to support the same.

After all, the world is changing and the people at Origin Realtors LPP have understood that keeping such a brilliant idea of housing for women will make the women go one step ahead from where they are and that is why we need to appreciate Atika together.

The society also wants to create a community of women where different people come together and discuss their ideas and take required action ns. All in all, they are creating a paradise for womanhood and you will get to be a part of it soon.

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