7 DIY Best Out Of Waste Stuffs You Would Love To Make Right Away

DIY Best Out Of Waste Stuffs

We all expect extra out of everything and Indians especially are known for their Jugaads.

I think upcycling is actually good and we should take recycling seriously.

Unfortunately reusing and recycling left in the pages of EVS textbooks.

Personally, I like doing quirky stuff from waste or semi waste things as it just enhances your creative skills and the end result is a super cool product that you can use for the useful purpose.

Let us have a look at some of the Jugaads from Kabaad, I mean, Best out of waste:

1… DIY Easy Paper Basket

This paper basket is quite robust and cool. Make sure you follow the instructions for best results. I follow the Youtube Handle called Gustamonton religiously for she makes super OMG best things out of papers and simple stuff readily available in our home.

2… Marble Lamp

This is simple lamp post that you can create in a jiffy. Also, the things used for the lamp is quite less. So get all the marbles and stick them around a bottle to create a happening lamp.

3… Upcycle Your Old T-Shirts and Cute Hair Buckle

This tricks by her are absolutely effortless and chic at the same time. In a matter of minutes, you can actually have a new garment to sport.

Watch this video tutorial to get the directions.

4… Mobile Speaker Holder and Dock

If you are crafty and arty as well as a music lover then you must check this video which showcases simple Mobile holder made out of crap and other items easily available at home.

5…  Aluminium roses

These roses will never die as they made of aluminum cups. So if you want to give flowery add-ons to any decor then you can incorporate this DIY rose. Check out the video to have a look.

6… Photo frame from waste CDs

Photo frames are what we all like as it holds are great memories. But if you are bored of same good ‘ol square frames then and what amp up your room then can try this DIY frame. Collect all the CDs which you do not need anymore to make this funky photo frame. How? Watch the tutorial.

7… DIY bag out of old T-Shirt

You must try this super cool bag made from Old T-shirt without sewing. Yes, you read it right. No need of any sewing here. Check out both videos for two different types.

We should encourage creativity and best out of things more. What do you think?

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