Vaidik-Hafiz Saeed Meet: Why Media Wants Narendra Modi Government To Fail So Badly?

It seems they are venting the anger for no invitation on board Air India 01 for BRICS summit in Fortaleza with prime minister.

Senior journalist Dr Ved Pratap Vaidik went to Pakistan and met Jamaat ‘ud’ Da’wah founder and an accused in the 26/11 Mumbai bomb blast Hafiz Saeed over there.

Well, Vaidik is neither government functionary, nor is he associated with any media house anymore. So the question over his visit is an obvious one. The visit may be personal too.

But the Indian media, especially the electronic media which thrives on sensationalism, fanned the news in a manner that it became a matter of huge uproar.

The media forgot to see that Vaidik met a number of former soldiers, diplomats, experts and journalists, even Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. In fact, the list includes former ‘prime minister’ of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Sardar Ateeq, and his father, the 90-year-old Sardar Qayyum, PoK’s seniormost leader.

As per Vaidik, it was a fruitful and highly successful visit. According to him, Saeed wants to visit India and claims that he has been wrongly accused in the serial blast case.

This time, the mood has changed. Nobody made any comment about Prime Minister Narendra Modi that could have upset me. Overall, Pakistani leaders and scholars’ opinion was that if the Indian people had accepted Modi, then why should Pakistanis not accept it?… Pakistanis don’t fear any longer that India can destroy Pakistan or seize ‘Azad Kashmir’ at gun-point…” Vaidik writes in his blog.

But the Indian media chose to look at the Saeed meeting more profoundly.

Just as the media had jumped when Uday U Lalit’s appointment was cleared by the Supreme Court collegium and had branded him as ‘a lawyer’ to BJP president Amit Shah – which was actually wrong information – the media has chose to present Vaidik as the ‘aide’ of Baba Ramdev.

Yog Guru Ramdev is seen as a BJP sympathizer and the media, via Ramdev, is trying to connect the link.

As usual, the akas of media sitting in the opposition rightnow and fighting for the post of Leader of Opposition took the opportunity by both hands. There was a huge uproar in the Rajya Sabha over the issue and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had to clarify that Vaidik’s meeting had nothing to do with the government.

The stupidity of the Indian media helped even Saeed mock the Parliament and the media for such ‘narrow’ mindset on the micro-blogging site twitter:






While Vaidik must be reprimanded and asked to give an explanation, the Indian media needs to calm its nerves.

At a time when the prime minister Narendra Modi is attending the BRICS summit in Brasil, they choose to show a sensitive piece of news which may rock the situation in the country. There are already news of people burning effigies of Saeed and Vaidik.

It seems they are venting the anger for no invitation on board Air India 01 for BRICS summit in Fortaleza with prime minister.

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