Somnath Bharti Attacked In Varanasi, Yet It Does Not Move People

Strange it may sound, but the public is not moved, which generally happens in case of a ‘œmurderous’ attack as being stipulated by AAP.

Aam Aadmi Party’s controversial leader Somnath Bharti was allegedly attacked by some goons in Varanasi last night. Reportedly, these goons smashed his car’s windows and assaulted his driver. As expected, party chief Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference early morning today and alleged that BJP workers made a “life threatening” attack on Bharti.



Strange it may sound, but the public is not moved, which generally happens in case of a “murderous” attack as being stipulated by AAP.

It should be noted that yesterday Bharti had foul-mouthed BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and his family. He had used slangs against the family of Modi. It should also be noted that Bharti has a history of using bad language. Earlier, he had said that he wanted to “spit’ on the face of BJP leader Arun Jaitley while he was minister on Kejriwal-led Delhi government.

Bharti is the same leader who assaulted Ugandan and Nigerian women in the Khirki Extension of Delhi while doing his vigilantism in Kejriwal-government. He had labeled all the inter-racial women as prostitutes. Not only he refused to apologise, Kejriwal and his team defended Bharti till the government collapsed on 49th day of its formation.

They even staged a dharna against the policemen who refused to act on behest of Bharti et al given the act was illegal and inhuman. However, they changed the tone of the sit-in from against Delhi Police to against Central government once they were caught in the web.

Bharti is also the leader who had said that “democracy is poisonous for this country” and that “it needs a military rule for at least a decade”.

It should also be noted that AAP leader Shazia Ilmi’s video asking Muslims to become “communal” while voting had also surfaced yesterday only. While AAP leader Manish Sisodia was the only one to issue a one-liner against the act on behalf of the party, chief Kejriwal remained mum.

Rather than questioning Shazia on her stand, the party chose to question the “intention” of those who circulated the video! Shazia was not even warned or punished for the grave act. She, in fact, remained defiant and stood by her statement made in the video.

However, any act of violence by any party is condemnable in the democratic fabric of our country. But given the history of theatrics by AAP (read false attacks, hooliganism, vigilantism, lying), the possibility of carrying out the attack on Bharti’s car by the party men themselves cannot be ruled out. It may be an attention-diverting ritual like they have done in the past.

Afterall, Bharti was reportedly beaten black and blue. So, if the attack was to a degree of being “murderous” and “life-threatening”, why did Bharti and others, including Kejriwal who is in Varanasi, reused to file an FIR with the police?

The other fact that the party funding increases every time there is an attack on any party member may also lead to such theatrics by AAP. And if these things prove out to be true, as they have been in the past, people should maintain a safe distance from AAP.

But it seems we do not need to say so, because yeh public hai, sab janti hai…

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