#OnlyNaMo: The Story Of Kejriwal’s Secret Admiration For Modi

The number of such people who criticize Modi for any things and secretly admire him for his work and statesmanship is actually very high.

The hot news today is that self-proclaimed voice of all aam aadmis, Arvind Kejriwal, will choose Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of the country given a gun is held against his head.

You don’t believe me? Another voice of the masses, The Times of India, and Economic Times carried an article in today’s morning paper which read “If you hold a gun to my head, I will choose Narendra Modi, says Arvind Kejriwal”.

In this story, Kejriwal was having a maiden interaction with financial market representatives where one Anil Singhvi, who reportedly is an investment banker and former managing director of Ambuja Cements, asked him to choose between BSP leader Mayawati and Modi as PM candidate.

“At first, Kejriwal told me he would choose none,” Singhvi was quoted by ET, “But when I persisted and said that the country would need a PM, he said if forced to choose, he would go for Modi.” According to Singhvi, Kejriwal didn’t give any further reasons for favouring Modi.

First, let us thank Mr. Singhvi for asking this question from Kejriwal.

Second, polite applause for making Kejriwal realize how it feels when one holds a gun against one’s head. For so long, Kejriwal has been holding many guns against many heads – be it general public, his opponents, administration, or even government. He just doesn’t understand the Gandhian way he speaks at length about and asks people to follow.

Third, Kejriwal, as expected, has denied saying anything about his Modi-love. He even discarded the story as a fiction.


Well, Mr. Kejriwal, many of us may be cursing ToI for the kind of content it generates at times (remember that false Modi-Rambo story?), but the paper was fair enough to put your tweet up alongside the story.

What followed next were a string of tweets from Kejriwal where he was condemning the news channels for airing the story. Afterall, just in the morning he had reportedly told media that there was no Modi-wave in the country!




We wish to tell Kejriwal that we stand in support with him because he is not the only secret admirer of Modi. The number of such people who criticize Modi for any things and secretly admire him for his work and statesmanship is actually very high.

Also, Kejriwal has just returned from Gujarat and, however hard he may try, he cannot deny the better position of the state in the country. Plus, the number of Modi fans in his party is also on a rise. So we forgive him for this occasional slip of tongue.

But let us come back to the original gun-holding theme. Given that holding a gun against anybody’s head delivers desired results and, in this case, sound bites, are there chances that he would choose Modi after elections if a fractured mandate arises?

P.S. Kejriwal has ample time to mull over this gun-holding as he has skipped his visit to poor farmers in Vidarbha and is travelling to Nagpur for his fundraiser despite ill-health.

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