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Man Ki Baat And A Masterstroke By PM Narendra Modi

Man Ki Baat And A Masterstroke By PM Narendra Modi

The prime minister has launched his radio programme Man Ki Baat (A Talk From The Heart) on All India Radio (AIR) on Friday. He addressed the nation for about 15 minutes through the programme.

In a country where there is little television reach in the deep rural areas, an address through the radio becomes an important mode of reach. It gives a sense of not being left by the government at the centre.

The radio programme will spread the message of the prime minister and will also take select questions from people ensuring that the voices are directly heard by the PM.

In today’s address, prime minister Modi pushed his Swachh Bharat mission forward and asked the people to “must” join the campaign. Pushing the message of self reliance and swadeshi, he asked people to follow Mahatma Gandhi and buy products made of Khadi as it will “light a lamp of prosperity in the house of a poor person”.

He tried to invoke a sense of nationalism among youth by quoting Swami Vivekananda and urging the youth to identify their strengths and work on them to better the nation and contribute to its growth.

“We’re not lacking in strength but we’ve forgotten how strong we are. 125 crore Indians are blessed with immense skill and strength. We have to understand ourselves better. It’s important that we understand our strengths to understand ourselves better”, he said.

The prime minister took the show to a more personal level by mentioning the name of the peole who wrote to him with suggestions.

“On mail lot of people wrote to me that children should begin skill development courses at a very young age. It’s a good suggestion. Many others have said there should be a ban on polythene bags, compulsory use of dustbins”, he said.

” Gautam Pal wrote to me about specially abled children. I really liked what he wrote. I remember we began Khel Mahakumbh for specially abled athletes and I myself would go & see the sports. I want you to keep sharing these things with me. Together let us serve India and take our Nation to newer heights,” he said.

Later, he tweeted from his PMO handle:




The address will be translated into regional languages and will be aired once again in the evening. The programme is expected to air every alternate Sunday at 11 am.

The prime minister has already instated figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastria and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as national one and out of the hands of Congress. With the PM having a global reach through his twitter handle and facebook, the radio programme will add a new dimension to his reach to the people of this country.

Congress and other parties better watch out.