These 6 Foods Are Causing Inflammation In Your Body!

Foods That Causes Inflammation In The Body

“Foods That Causes Inflammation In The Body”

What is inflammation? It is a physical condition in which the part of the body becomes hot, red, swollen and also aching. Inflammation is bad to the body because it is linked to many health conditions e.g. obesity, arthritis and even diabetes.

No matter how tasty the food is {Eggs, coffee, Alcohol and gluten etc} but if it is going to cause harm, then it is better to avoid eating it. I understand that quickly eliminating these things won’t be possible but hey, you can try reducing it instead of over-eating.

Here are some more foods that causes inflammation in the body.

  1. Fried Foods

We Indians love eating potato chips a lot, right? But in reality, it is not at-all healthy to consume. Not just potato chips, French fries and onion rings are equally dangerous too.

  1. Meat

I know; many can’t get rid of eating meat at all. But hey, they are truly causing inflammation in body. It is OK if you can’t quit it but at-least make sure that you consume less of it and more of veggies.

Vegetables are absolutely good for health.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt might be good as a facial pack to prevent spots etc, but it is not healthy enough for consumption. Yogurt and other daily products like butter and cheese too, are not good for consumption because some items contain harmful ingredients in it.

  1. Alcohol

It is not a secret that alcohol is dangerous to health. A person can’t resist drinking it {Beer & wine} but one must at-least try not to make it a habit. After all, too much alcohol can easily weaken the immune system and it’ll also affect the liver cells.

  1. Sugar related foods

Once again, it might be very hard to resist pastries, baked sweets and fruit juices etc, but no other option because it is harmful. Sometimes a food that consists of too much sugar is not suitable for body because it contains Cytokines.

  1. Trans Fats

Trans fats are mostly involved in fast foods that are loved by many. Plus snacks and frozen products too consist of fats. Actually there are hydrogenated oils used in products that results into causing inflammation in body. So while buying products, make sure to read all the labels properly.

These were the foods that causes inflammation in the body. Try avoiding it and stay healthy.

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