Dear Manmohan Singh, Do You Have Guts To Take Sonia Down With You?

Behold ladies and gentlemen! Former prime minister Manmohan Singh is all set to write his own account of the fall that he took for the high command of Congress.

Behold ladies and gentlemen! Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is all set to write his own account of the fall that he took for the high command of Congress.

You don’t believe me? Okay, well not the account of the fall, but an account for sure.

The Indian Express reports that Singh is writing a book that will attempt to “leave a historic chronicle of contemporary lives”. The report even states that the book, which he started writing in 2008, will keep aside few chapters to give an “honest account” of what transpired between his office and Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

According to close buddies of former prime minister, the recurrent criticism against him gave him a reason to give a true account of what actually happened in the UPA government.

Well, with that said, do we expect Singh to suddenly covert into some ardent follower of Raja Harishchandra or even Mahatma Gandhi and spill all the beans? Obviously no. But we are left with no other choice than to believe that Singh will say nothing but the truth.

UPA has been accused of series of scams in its 10 years rule. A theory, which was formulated after former CAG Vinod Rai released his book Not That Accountant, says that the UPA government was into scams within 70 days of its formation as that was the time when Air India mess started to happen.

Former media advisor of Singh, Sanjaya Baru, had dedicated his book to The Accidental Prime Minister and had leveled many allegations against Singh.

These two books, plus ex-Congressman Natwar Singh’s memoir has already rattled the old Congress party. It has given us a picture of the cupboard in party president Sonia Gandhi’s life that houses many skeletons. If Singh reveals all, the Nehru-Gandhi clan and the many hands that feed it (read P Chidambaram, Praful Patel, Ahmed Patel, Sam Pitroda, and many allies) will stand exposed.

Interestingly, the IE report says: “Singh, who, according to one of his close friends, is currently in an “activist” mode, has expedited the work on his book after former Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai’s book attacked him for his role in the 2G spectrum and coal block allocations cases.

According to sources, Singh had already collected all the communication between him, his office and key ministers before the UPA’s second term was over this year. “Now he has given directions for the creation of a website to put up all the communication between the PMO and ministers on controversial issues such as the allocation of telecom licenses and coal blocks,” said sources.

Initially, one of Singh’s close associates assisted him in compiling the documents, double-checking the facts and even helping him edit. But Singh took back all the material from the aide after he returned from the US in 2013. Sources said Singh has recently taken some tips from his former colleague Natwar Singh in finalising his book.”

Well, can there be any more red flags for Sonia Gandhi and Congress? No.

Let’s hope, Singh takes the ship down, even though it drowns him. For we know, you come up eventually.

But does he have guts to do so?

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