Let’s spare Kejriwal in his ill health, please

For once, let’s pray for his good health and let him take rest for a day or two.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal called in sick today, two days after joining office. One may lose his/her job for taking leave so early after joining office, but he is after all chief minister of Delhi.

He tweeted his condition and desperation:



Yet, the media is ablazed with the excitement of free water to Delhi people and is hoping that he does not miss his meeting for the same.

Firstpost wrote: “It was to be a day of major announcements but newly appointed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was unable to leave home today after coming down with a bug.”

Common people! Give him a break!

Kejriwal has been in ill health since long. The man barely sleeps four hours a day and is all the time busy with listening to grievances of people. The added pressure of acting on his party’s promises on a given deadline has ke[t him away from taking any rest.

After taking oath as the chief minister on Saturday, he went straight to the office and did not even spare Sunday from working. He could not attend a morning “havan” his father Govind Ram Kejriwal had organised for the goodwill of his party as he was busy meeting hundreds of people hearing their problems while he was unwell.

Kejriwal has been nursing a cough for a long time. He is a diabetic and unwanted low immunity level is a deal of that package.

Kejriwal is rightnow on intravenous fluids as he has diarrhea. He is still keen on going to secretariat as important announcements have to be made. He may go ahead with the Delhi Jal Board meeting at his residence this evening in order to announce the decision before a 10 per cent hike in water tariffs comes into effect from 1 January.

For once, let’s pray for his good health and let him take rest for a day or two. Let’s spare him from all the pressure for a day. It will not hurt us if we wait for two days. Afterall, we have been living a life of misery for long.

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