Is Friday the 13th going to be D-day for Modi?

It is an open secret that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is BJP’S choice as Pm candidate.

What can be marked as a beginning of the political games, the BJP is clearing its house and taking everybody’s assurance before announcing its prime ministerial candidate. Party’s election strategist Rajnath Singh just ended his meeting with the old voice Lal Krishna Advani today.

It is an open secret that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is the party’s choice. It has also been the popular demand.

Modi already started his political campaign when he came face to face with the mass demand and his own aspirations sparked. From talking to common men at the slightest opportunity provided, addressing the nation on the eve of Republic day to speaking from a miniature Red Fort – he has extended his endurance to achieve his “dream”.

He has been tactfully attacking the ruling party and the government for its failures and short-short-sightedness.

He has all through been expectant of the announcement of his leadership. But his dreams hit a few bumps when Lal Krishna Advani opposed to declaring his candidature calling it an action too soon. His point was valid though given that the chief ministers in the BJP ruled states feel miniscule against his larger than life stature. And at a time when assembly elections in many of the states are underway, the idea doesn’t deem good.

But Rajnath Singh seems to be bent on calling the obvious. Maybe it is because the government is pulling too many social security schemes out of its purse for vote gain. We do not blame him. At a time when riots are there sparkling in UP and BJP leaders are being held over a fake video for the violence, it seems appropriate.

All the while, Congress is not shying away from calling Rahul Gandhi its leader. Every party member, from Sushilkumar Shinde to Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and in fact prime minister Manmohan Singh has called him the prime ministerial candidate for them.

Rahul Gandhi has also been trying hard to fit in the bill. But Modi’s experience and popularity it seems is giving him a tough competition already.

The deadlock over the declaration needs to be over. And the BJP is holding its parliamentary board meeting on Sept 13.

Maybe it will be the D-day for Modi.

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