#IncorruptibleModi: Wikileaks Clarification Will Only Strengthen Modi

The twitter handle of the organization announced that it had at no point called Modi ‘incorruptible’ but had merely revealed what a Gujarat Congress leader had said.

In an interesting move, on Sunday night whistle-blower organisation WikiLeaks sought to clear its stand on BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. The twitter handle of the organization announced that its founder Julian Assage had at no point called Modi ‘incorruptible’. Ironically, it was a Gujarat Congress leader who had said so.

In a series of tweets, the whistlebower organisation said, “No WikiLeaks document say Modi is ‘incorruptable’, rather he is popular because ‘viewed’ as ‘incorruptable’.”

For quite some time, pictures showing Assange endorsing Modi in an alleged quote that says “America is scared of Narendra Modi as America knows Modi is incorruptible” were being circulated on the social media by Modi supporters. Few enthusiastic BJP cadres to tweeted this picture which drew WikiLeaks’ ire.

The organization claims that it as an agenda being pushed by BJP members on the eve of Lok Sabha elections.

WikiLeaks had leaked confidential cables wherein US ambassador and Mumbai consular general Michael S Owen had met Congress leader Yuraj Digvijay Sinhji in 2006. According to the cable, Sinjhi had said that Modi would crack down on corruption within the BJP if he were to become a national leader.

“Modi’s reputation for being completely incorruptible is accurate, and if he were to become a national leader he would crack down on corruption throughout the BJP,” he supposedly told Owen.

The cable had also reported Owen’s meeting with another Congress leader Manoharsinh Jadeja where Jadeja had said, “Modi’s accomplishments are undeniable… and admitted that the Congress would make little headway against the BJP in Gujarat anytime soon.”

Jadeja had further said that his party, the Congress, could make little headway in Gujarat as Modi was now (in 2006) very popular among the Muslims as well. “…even Muslims are now supporting him to some extent because he is viewed as someone who is completely incorruptible and can deliver the goods,” the cable had quoted him as saying.

Owen wrote in a comment at the end of the alleged cable that “he believes” Sinhji’s comments on Modi are ”indeed accurate”.

“Modi is clearly not going to apologize or back down on the violence of 2002, but we think it is vital for him to hear that we are not going to let the passage of time erase the memory of these events… Ironically the man most hold accountable for the communal violence of 2002 may now be the most ardent defender of communal harmony, at least on the surface. It remains to be seen to what extent Gujarat’s economic boom will lead to genuinely improved communal relations over time.”

In its March 22, 2011 report, The Hindu had reported this conversation as a part of series “the India Cables” via Wikileaks.

Whatever the reality of the cables, it is now even clearer that the endorsement picture was pushed by enthusiastic supporters of Modi and not BJP. In fact, Wikileaks has further helped enhance Modi’s image when it tweeted Sinhji’s and Jadeja’s quote.

The most notable part comes in the ned where Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is degraded down to a person with psycopathic problems by his own party members. And that is enough to push Modi for PM by his supporters once again.

Here are the tweets by Wikileaks:










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