AAP vs AAP: Flying Allegations and The Breach of Public Trust

Binny might be right on some points but the tussle is about hurt of ego drips from every second statement he makes. The level of immaturity with which the situations was handled by Yogendra Yadav was no better.

The Aam Aadmi Party is washing its dirty linen in public. The news of AAP vs AAP is floating in the media and allegation from both sides are flying without any solid proof. Whether it is Arvind Kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav or Vinod Binny for that matter, it is really hard to believe any.

To top it all, the kind of allegations that are being levelled are another matter of concern.

Binny, who has alleged that the AAP government is not delivering on its promises, is undoubtedly an immature allegation. Kejriwal government is barely a month old and it needs more time to prove itself. Governance is not a wand that can be waved to achieve everything.

However hard he may be shouting to deny that all of it is not an outburst regarding the Lok Sabha ticket that he was not getting, it becomes apparent in every second sentence of his denial.

But Binny did put forth some valid questions about the functioning of the party and the Kejriwal government. For instance, Kejriwal backing up Somnath Bharti in fraud case and misleading the janta on the issue of nomination of candiates following public opinion when the candidates have already been chosen by AAP.

Also, the Kejriwal government has till not taken any solid stance on the rape of Danish national in the capital. Instead he went on repeating the same of line of Shiela Dikshit, which he used to vehemently oppose, that it would be better to operate if Delhi police was under their jurisdiction.

Although Binny got few supporters within AAP to back him on his charges and few of his questions were right on point, the way Yogendra Yadav handled the situation was no better.

Everybody knows that they are harping on the populist measures that their government has taken, but to say that “nobody has the right to make such an indisciplined display of dissent” is no good. From the dais of his oath taking ceremony, he has asked his party members to voice their support so that nobody else “weeds” them out, but the party seems to practicing just the opposite.

Binny is has had a good 10 year old career in politics when he formed the party with Kejriwal. He was an independent MLA in Delhi before Congress extended its support to him. He left Congress for joining anti-corruption movement and extended his splendid ideas to AAP which became a part of its manifesto.

To say that he was speaking to the tune of BJP is above acceptable level. It not only displays the immaturity level of AAP, it also further consolidates their media-addict status.

But between all this, it is only the public trust that is being breached.

Here are some tweets summing up the situation:










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