Neha Kakkar – From Being Traditional To Naughty, Versatility At Its Best!

Neha Kakkar

How often we tend to judge a singer by the songs? For example if you happen to hear this track – Naughty No. 1 from the upcoming movie #Barkhaa you would just imagine another trash item song.

Moreover we tend to judge the singer as we don’t usually look up for the name of the singer who lends voice for such songs.

This song in the first few minutes only would give you an idea of a wannabe attempt towards an item song. But when I read the name of the singer who sang this I was shocked as it was #NehaKakkar

For people who aren’t aware, Neha Kakkar of the Indian Idol fame had sung many Bollywood songs and even composed her own albums.

For example this is the same singer who sang the title track of the TV serial – Na Aana Is Des Laado

Shocked? Yes she is the same singer who sang such an intense title theme and now she is out with her latest track that sounds so damn cheesy.

But hey that is the genre right?

As actors experiment with different roles, even singers experiment with songs of different situations.

Neha Kakkar has a typical earthy folk touch in her voice that suits the rural Indian songs and she can easily modulate that to a sexy, seducing feel.

Listen to her SRK anthem:

The way she easily traverses different genres makes her the versatile singer that she is.

Below is a perfect example of two completely contrasting songs she sang:

‘Sunny Sunny’ song from the movie ‘Yaariyan’ (The famous Honey Singh track that sounds more like a rhyme)

Now let me shift to a proper wedding number:

You see the shift in the songs? It is as per the situations and moods. This artist suits every occasion.

So if you don’t really know about Neha Kakkar and click to find out her latest track trending today then don’t judge the singer as this is just one of the many tracks.

Why are such tracks even made? Well that is one question that the biggest of critics are baffled about in this country on what exactly works in Bollywood.

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