These Indian Music Festivals Are Hard To Miss For All Music Lovers

Indian Music Festivals

Indian Music Festivals – Do you see yourself as a music aficionado?

On the off chance that yes, then I am certain you are kicking the bucket to visit a portion of the coolest music festivals over the globe, yet little voice inside your head reminding you about your funds snaps you out of your wander off in fantasy land.

All things considered, imagine a scenario where I disclosed to you that there are some music festivals being held here in India that you can visit on budget yet they are exciting AF.

Along these lines, here goes a rundown of coolest Indian Music Festivals that you should go to.

Indian Music Festivals –

1 – Shiva Squad Festival

This three day festival occurs at the Morpheus Valley Resort in Manali and it has electronic PSY experts from different parts of the world. Yes, it won’t have the world’s top DJs, but rather it includes a great deal of new talent that will make you go crazy with the Manali winds.

Indian Music Festivals

2 – Magnetic Fields Festival

Magnetic Fields is one of the most recent festivals in India that occurs in the excellent surroundings of the Alsisar Mahal of Rajasthan. Aside from the stunning music, it additionally includes kite flying, dawn gatherings and meteor spotting.

Indian Music Festivals

3 – Rang Music Festival

As the name proposes, Rang is a beautiful festival yet it is far beyond quite recently that. Giving you a blend of the best universal musicians, it additionally provides you delightful activities like rain dance and beer pong and what not.

Indian Music Festivals

4 – New Wave Festival

Any festival that occurs in Goa is an absolute visit, yet New Wave Festival is the best one to go to. It even included Shonen Knife and numerous more once. There’s likewise an open stage for enthusiastic artists around the globe.

Indian Music Festivals

5 – Ziro Festival

Do you know where Ziro Valley is? All things considered, regardless of the possibility that you do, going there is a courageous task in itself due to zero availability. In any case, once you are there, you will be encompassed with wonderful valleys, cool wind and the best of EDM in your ears.

Indian Music Festivals

6 – Fireflies Festival

An open amphitheater set under a banyan tree, this music festival is exclusively for enthusiastic artists and music junkies. The earth is mysterious and the music is good to the point that you wouldn’t have any desire to backpedal to home.

Indian Music Festivals

These are must attend Indian Music Festivals. So, pack your bags and hit the road because these music festivals are going to happen very soon.

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