From ‘Last Seen’ To ‘Officially Read’: Whatsapp’s Blue Ticks Can Have Mixed Responses And Meanings

Now, you can tell when your message has been read, so, you have got the official right to be annoyed if you do not get a pat reply. Also, do not step into the offender’s path as the blue ticks on your whatsapp window can backfire on you as well.

Did you notice the blue ticks on your whatsapp window when your friend messaged you today?

The social messaging smartphone application, Whatsapp has come up with a new feature of notifying two blue ticks next to a message.  

Some people always desired this notification to be there on the application and possibly even thought that the app already had one – the grey ticks next to a message.

But, ideally the first grey tick on your message implies that the message has been sent successfully and earlier it was assumed that once the notification changed to two grey ticks it meant that the message has been received and read.

However, now with the introduction of blue ticks it has been clarified that the two grey ticks meant that the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone. The blue ticks infact, signify that the recipient has read your message.


The two grey ticks will still be visible but will turn blue as soon as the message is read.

Even in group chats, ticks will turn blue when everyone in the group has read your message. This feature will not need you to update your phone’s operating system and if you have still not seen it on your whatsapp window, it is only because the company is rolling out the notification gradually.

For some, the change is useful as it will now deem them more capable of stalking and getting agitated at not receiving an immediate response. There are others who feel that the ‘last seen’ notification causes enough damage and there was no need for the ‘officially read’ feature.

The blue tick feature can also mean a lot more things:

  1. It can mean that your partner is avoiding you when those blue ticks appear on your whatsapp window and keep making you feel blue when a day passes without a single reply.
  2. Your ‘last seen’ may or may not be visible but there is no hiding from the blue ticks.
  3. The blue ticks can lead you to a nasty fight between friends as it will signify that your friend has read your message but did not reply as yet or vice versa.
  4. You may be teased over and over about not being responsive enough.
  5. It may mean you might have to delete whatsapp and curl up in your own shell.

Earlier, it was much easier to ignore a message and simply excuse yourself by saying that you read it late or just saw it and, no one would have come to know if you actually read it.

The update can both be termed useful and unwanted in different ways. On the one hand, you cannot now get away with the same tiring excuses of being busy or sleeping and on the other, you can now simply tell who is seeing yet ignoring your message.

The situation could be extremely tricky if you are an avid whatsapp user and even in an active group chat, people who read all messages but do not respond can easily be called upon. 

So, if you have seen those blue ticks, better reply fast or there may be a misunderstanding. Beware!

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