These Amazing Tech Wearables Can Transform The Lives Of Sports Enthusiasts & Professional Players

Wearable for sports players and geeks – we provide an insight on the wearable that aim to improve the performance of serious players & sport geeks.

The time has come when a sports coach need not entirely depend upon his gut instinct; he has an array of devices that guide him in making prudent decisions about his athletes & players.

Ranging from avoiding injuries, indicating impacts, tracking training sessions, to improving performance, and monitoring algorithms, these gadgets are a boon for professional players.

Thanks to the advent of science & technology, these devices are small, handy, and offer the convenience of affixing to various parts of the body.

Listed below are some amazing wearables for sports enthusiasts:  


RunScribe is a small device that provides an in-depth analysis of the user’s gait patterns. It helps in avoiding jogging injuries as well as improving running techniques. This miniature gadget gets attached to the runner’s shoe, and once the athlete starts running, the device analyzes the gait by using it sensors. It saves the data on a small flash memory embedded in the gadget. Post the running session, the device syncs the data with a cloud storage service and exhibits various granular charts & graphs, thus enabling the runner to work out a gait analysis.




Developed by Reebok in collaboration with mc10, the Checklight is a headgear that fits under the helmet of football & hockey players. Revered as a revolutionary head impact indicator, this device gives signals to parents & coaches, that the player needs monitoring and medical advice. When the sports person undergoes an injury or impact, the gadget flashes a yellow or red light via an LED indicator handing down from the back of the neck of the user.  




Recently launched by Force Impact Technologies is the FITGuard, a mouth guard possessing motion sensors that detect serious injuries. Similar to Checklight, this device also shows off an illuminated strip at the front of the device to display the level of impact. 



TomTom Multi-Sport

This sports tracker serves as an excellent training partner for athletes. From tracking runs, cycles, & swims to logging treadmill workout, the TomTom Multi-Sport watch boasts of a clear LCD screen, interchangeable straps, and navigation through a one-button setup. Other features of TomTom Multi-Sport include accelerometer-based swimming mode that tracks time spent in the pool, training partner pacing function, and much more.



Needless to say, the future of sports-specific wearable gadgets is bright & promising. Offering a myriad of advantages for the athlete and the coach, these devices can truly transform the life of a player on-field & off-field.  

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