Want To Protect Your Mobiles And Tablets From Hackers? We Tell You How To Do It!

Mobile phones and tablets are among the most common gadgets used today. These serve the purpose of mini computers and users perform varied, as well as, crucial tasks on them.

Most of us install antivirus software on laptops and computers, but forget to protect our tablets & mobile phones.

Today, life is simply impossible without these gizmos. People use these devices for many more functions, than just talking or messaging to each other. One can perform varied, as well as crucial tasks on these ‘mini computers’ with ease.

However, misplacing or losing these devices is a very common affair. The person who finds it can easily get access to vital information. Hence, protecting tablets and mobile phones is crucial.

We bring for our readers a few security tips on how to protect tablets and mobile phones from hackers, loss, and theft.

  1. We suggest turning on the password protection and using reliable antivirus software to protect these gizmos.
  2. Never save login information. We recommend users to disable this feature totally. 
  3. Do not download apps from unreliable sources and do not open emails from unknown IDs. These may pass on viruses to the apparatus.
  4. Many apps protect these widgets from hackers. A few well-known ones include, Lookout, avast! SecureLine VPN, Find My iPhone, Android Device Manager, LastPass, and more.
  5. Do not open crucial websites, such as that of the bank through public networks. Hackers can easily target such gadgets.
  6. Never leave the phone or tablet in the car or any other public place, including the office desk. Either lock it in some restricted place or carry it along.
  7. Most Smartphones have GPS technology which can store the most frequently visited places of the user, including the residence address. We advise our readers to save, especially their home address, under a fictitious name.
  8. In case of loss of the device, contact the service provider to prevent anyone else from using the tablet or phone.
  9. While disposing off the old widget, reset the factory settings, to thwart misuse of stored data.
  10. Invest in phones and software which help locating lost phones. This circumvents thieves and unauthorized personnel from misusing it.

We carry these apparatus almost everywhere. Losing the device or an attack by a hacker, not only costs money, but may lead to dire consequences as well. Hence, it is imperative to safeguard tablets & phones against loss, theft, and attacks. Following the tips above can save one from embarrassment and lots of hassle.

Adopt these tips and indulge in a tension free mobile and tablet usage experience

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