Top 8 Crazy Things An Android Phone Does That Makes An iPhone Look Pre-Historic!

We are aware that iPhone has a huge fan-following across the world. Nevertheless, an increasing demand for Android phones indicates that customers want customized options and versatility.

If you’re an Android smartphone user, just go ahead, read the article, and feel delighted!

If you’re one of those proud iPhone loyalists who swear by the iOS, we would still suggest on going ahead, reading the article, and enlightening yourself on all the stuff you have missed all these years.

One cannot deny that Android is currently dominating the market, thanks to the tricks and features of Android which deliver a great smartphone experience to its users. iPhone is definitely not a slouch either, but the features of iOS are not as versatile and customizable as its rival.

With no intentions of offending the ego and emotions of die-hard iPhone fanatics, we present below a list of things that Android phones can do but iPhones can’t:

1).   We all know that all iPhones appear chic and premium. But then, they all look the same too, making them a slightly boring proposition. On the other hand, most of the Android phones allow users to change the back covers of the device. Users can choose from a hoard of different and vibrant colors & patterns that suit their style and interests.

2).   Android phones enable users to expand the in-built storage with the help of a small MicroSD card. These SD cards don’t cost much and help in adding capacity to the phone as well as facilitate easy carrying of a large amount of data on-the-go.

3).   Android users can add widgets from their favorite apps on the home screen, which gives access to all the required information at a glance. Meanwhile, iOS offers a grid of icons on the home screen with no options to tweak the default settings.

4).   Android phones provide enough leeway for completely replacing the default launcher. With the help of launcher apps of Android, users can actually edit the way the screen appears and functions.

5).   The latest offering from Apple, the iPhone 5s, ships with a paltry 8 MP rear camera, whereas, the latest high-end Android devices boast of up to 20 MP snappers capable of clicking professional photographs.

6).   Run out of juice on your Android phone? Fret not, just open the back off and replace the battery with a spare unit. It seems like magic! Well, not for iPhone users!

7).   Listening to music via internet on an iPhone sounds cool, but what if one can do the same on a FM radio pre-installed on the phone. It will definitely save some data and allow users to seamlessly enjoy music without having to worry of an interrupted internet connection.

8).   What’s up with Apple offering the same screen size and resolution in its devices? Presently, the market seems flooded with Android phones sporting massive 6-inch displays and all varieties of Full HD, Ultra-HD, and much more.  

The giant tech firm does pamper its addicts with a huge array of apps of iPhone.

In fact, with the new iPhone 6 on its way, Apple aficionados are in for great news. However, it’s time that Apple provides some more customizable features and usage controls to its fans. Having said that, to choose between Android and iOS, is truly a matter of needs and preference of the user.  

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