The Motorola Magic Continues! 3 Reasons Why One Should Switch To A Motorola Phone Today!

Motorola is back with a bang! The 3 best-selling phones of the tech firm, Moto G, Moto X, and Moto E have managed to grab eyeballs! Let’s check out the prime reasons that are encouraging…

Say with pride, I am a MOTOROLA LOYALIST! Here is why.

While an array of Android phones scream for our attention owing to their incredibly high specs and even higher performances, Motorola phones target customers by offering them great user experience and price affordability. What makes Motorola phones special isn’t any specific feature or spec, but it’s the way the entire package lets users interact with the mobile technology. In fact, none of the Moto phones boast of a bucket of unnecessary top-line configurations, rather they help in creating an impact on the actual experience of using a mobile. For now, we will concentrate only on the trio – Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E, which created waves in the market the moment they reached the Indian shores.

Listed below are 3 reasons why one should buy a Motorola phone instead of investing in a flashy and overly featured super smartphone:

1).   Firstly, Motorola handsets just feel awesome to hold. With narrow side bezels and curved rear, all the three variants offer in-hand comfort. Unlike the super-large phones of today, Moto phones easily nestle into the palm providing a secure grip and enable users to access all the corners of the screen with one hand.

2).   Whilst every Android manufacturer tries really hard to present an improvised interface just for the heck of change, Motorola, on the other hand, provides its users with meaningful alterations. Moto phones primarily stick to the versatile and intuitive Android stock with only a few practical functionalities of their own that help in enhancing the overall Android experience. Moto doesn’t believe in offering a heavily skinned UI full of features that one would use once and then forget; rather, it renders only those functionalities that actually change the way the user interacts with a mobile.

Take for example, the Touchless Control feature of Moto X, which allows users to perform a slew of tasks by merely speaking “Okay, Google now”! It may sound uncanny, but it’s not a gimmick! Imagine yourself driving a car or feasting on your favourite dish, and in the middle you wish to call someone, or play a song, open an app, find directions, check a notification, look for weather update, or even set a reminder; this unique feature lets you do all of this without having to touch the phone! Then there’s the active display feature which shows notifications the moment you pick up the phone, and the car assist mode which recognizes that the phone’s owner is driving and accordingly alters its behaviour.

3).   In terms of price points, there’s something for everyone! Be it the highly priced Moto X or the medium priced Moto G, both lure their customers with power-packed performances. Further, they also take care of your wallet! Breaking all barriers is the Motorola Moto E, which belies its price tag with its impressive specs list. Revered as the best budget smartphone of 2014, this phone is an inspiration to a hoard of domestic and international phone makers.

If you’re looking for a particular element such as the highest screen resolution or the highest mega-pixel camera, then a Moto phone is not the perfect device. However, if one looks at the big picture which is the overall user experience and the budget, then a Moto handset fares great, even in comparison with the most top-end products prevailing in the market!

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