You Will Be Amazed To Know These Awe-Inspiring Facts About Mobile Phones!

Mobile phone facts most of us aren’t aware of: there is still a hoard of mobile phone facts which haven’t been discovered or utilized properly.

Smartphones have definitely transformed the way we operate and function in our daily lives. While manufacturers provide us black canvases with phenomenal hardware & features.

we, the users, turn them into magical machines by downloading an array of apps and make them perform as a musical instrument, gaming console, mini television, and much more.

But it seems we are only scratching the surface, and there is still a hoard of attributes which haven’t been discovered or utilized properly. In fact, a feature phone also has a lot to fascinate its user. Listed below are some amazing facts about mobile phones which probably most of us aren’t aware of:

  1. Rice & Silica Gel Can Dry Phones

Next time you drop a phone in the pond, don’t panic! Simply detach the battery from the handset and insert the phone in a jar of rice or silica gel granules for 24 hours. Since both the grains have excellent moisture absorbing characteristics, they facilitate the drying of phone pretty well.

  1. Charging The Phone Overnight Doesn’t Kill The Battery

No matter how much the mobile store salesman succeeds in convincing us, the truth is that overnight charging of handset doesn’t affect the battery. A smartphone is smart enough to understand that it is full of juice and thus automatically stops charging. In fact, even if the phone remains plugged in, the battery doesn’t draw more energy once it’s fully charged.  

  1. A Code Can Boost Battery Life

There are a couple of handsets from the older generation which required a simple code to enhance maximum battery life. By merely punching in the code #4720#, one can restrict the ringing ability of the handset, thereby taking advantage of additional talk time. This is particularly applicable for those who still possess one of the haggard Nokia feature phones.

  1. Some Smartphones Have Their Own Way Of Saving Power

We often hear our geeky friends saying that multiple apps playing in the background can drain the smartphone’s battery to a great extent. Although this fact is true for Android phones, but those distinguished few who carry an iPhone needn’t worry about apps sapping the battery resources. This is primarily because when one hits the home button on an iPhone, the app moves from active to background mode and eventually enters the suspended mode. Once in suspended mode, the app cannot squeeze processing or battery power. The good news is that all this happens in merely a few seconds. Further, Nokia loyalists also don’t need to worry much about apps eroding the phone’s battery, as Windows Phone 8 also performs in a similar fashion as iOS. However, the only exceptions to this rule are navigation and VoIP apps. 

Needless to say, the above list is not an exhaustive one. There is a myriad of other features that still remain undisclosed or have not been exploited enough for the benefit of the user. If you know any of such facts, do share with all of us in the comments box below!

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