Five Food Items That Will Cure Late Night Party Hangover

How to get out of late night party hangover – Work hard and party harder is the rule for youngsters these days and a hangover is a part and parcel of almost every other weekend…

It’s Saturday night and you have had one too many!

Sunday morning arrives and your head is aching, you are nauseous and it feels like you have been run over by a truck!

We all have gone through this at some point or the other in our lives.

Instead of reaching for that coffee, it will be wise to munch on the following food items when you have a bad hangover.



Full of amino acids like cysteine and taurine, eggs are perfect for breakfast on a hangover Sunday. Taurine improves liver function and prevents any kind of liver disease. The protein helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels. Eggs also replenish the body with vitamins that have been drained owing to alcohol.

Recipe: Try an open sandwich with egg whites and lots of green veggies. For seasoning, just add salt and some black pepper. Have it with a glass of cold water with citrus fruit slices.



The body is badly dehydrated after a long drinking session. It is important to keep it hydrated as well as ensure that there is enough fructose to not make you feel weak and unsteady. Watermelon has all these and more. It helps in recharging you and your mood.

Recipe: Cut watermelon into cubes and add some black salt to it. Let it chill in the refrigerator for half an hour. Have it with a banana smoothie.



They are a combination of many essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B and iron. Oats neutralize acids in the body and a bowl with hot milk helps in giving you instant energy. Oats are as good for the mood as they are for your liver. They also absorb harmful toxins.

Recipe: Ina bowl take hot milk and pour some honey in it. Now add the oats and have with a slice of sweet bread.



After a session of heavy drinking, the stomach is in a bad shape and you want to puke. Ginger relieves nausea and settles your stomach. Try and have it in its natural state otherwise, go for a little honey or mix it in some juice.

Recipe: Toss some tomatoes in loads of ginger and some garlic in a pan. Add oregano or any herbs you like and salt to taste. Toast a bread slice and spread the tomatoes on it. Eat while it’s still hot.



Great for the liver, this is one leafy vegetable that will detoxify your body like no other. With loads of folic acid, sulphur and Vitamin C, it has the right ingredients for a perfect hangover food.

Recipe: Blanch some spinach and sauté in some olive oil. Add garlic to it and then make a paste after it has cooled down. Now add some cooked rice to the paste in a pan and cook for 4-5 minutes. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and say bye to the hangover!

It is advisable to never drink in excess but sometimes when you just can’t avoid it, remember to eat these super food items the next morning!

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