Get Ready To Break Your Bank Account As The New iPhone 8 Might Cost A Bomb !

iPhone 8 cost

iPhone 8 cost – When you talk about the smart phones, iPhone is definitely the top one.

There were so many rumours about the latest and upcoming iPhone 8 and many people are excited and awaiting its release in the market. When it comes to its release in Indian market, many people are aspiring to buy this latest phone. But this desire might go hard after you get to know how much it is going to cost you.

It is predicted that iPhone 8 cost one lakh in India by a financial analyst J P Morgan Chase. The firm did not exactly specify iPhone 8 cost in India, but here are a few details that can help you understand why is it so expensive in India.

Apple is actually planning to release three different models in India. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 with some very interesting features. According to some leaks in the Twitter, it is predicted that iPhone 8 is going to have an edge to edge display which is very similar to the latest Samsung Galaxy S8. That means, it is just going to look more like the Samsung Galaxy G8 but the size of the panel is going to be little bigger than the Samsung Phone. Bottom and Top bezels are visible in the iPhone 8.

When it comes to the design part, both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are going to be the same but the iPhone 8 might have the aluminium sides and the back panel of glass. We are not done yet, along with some amazing changes in the design part, you will also see that the battery is going to be in L shape. That means, the rear camera setup is going to be better in the latest model.

So, when there are so many interesting and amazing changes done, it is obvious that the cost of manufacturing would also increase by $75 to 80. That means, the overall cost would be something near to $1000 which is equal to 64,542 Indian currency. Do not forget the import duty and all other taxes, which may altogether cost you upto one lakh.

According to J P Morgan claims, you will get the Airpods bundled in this pack with no extra cost. You have no headphone jack in these phones. These additional accessories might save some money but the overall profit of Apple might come down.

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