Unconventional Designs Of Smartphones That Make Us Scratch Our Heads!

Crazy looking smartphones – The market is full of aesthetically designed smartphones. But there are a few handsets which feature bizarre form factors and make us wonder why the engineers created them in the first place?

What were they thinking?

Yes, what were the tech experts thinking when they designed such odd-shaped smartphones?

The regular rectangular form factor gives a good grip and is comfy in the hands. There wasn’t any need to experiment with weird shapes of phones that not only appear unattractive, but also sacrifice on the comfort of the user.

Strangely, most of these were up for sale in the market, and some gutsy people bought them too.

Listed below are some peculiar phones of all times that haunted most of us with their unorthodox appearance:


Priced at INR 34,000, the LG Optimus Vu offers a square-like design. In fact, the form factor lies somewhere between a square and a rectangle. Though it is sleek and light in weight, it is difficult to carry, hold, or operate the phone. Irrespective of its bleeding internals, this handset failed to impress the crowd merely due to its bizarre structure.




There are a handful of handsets falling under this category including the Motorola Flipout and the RIM Blackberry Porsche Design P’9981. While the former requires the user to flip the QWERTY keyboard, the latter comes with boxy looks and sharp corners. Made of premium elements, the Blackberry Porsche is probably the weirdest looking handset from the tech giant. Then there is Bang & Olufsen that produce wonderful audio products, but their mobile devices fail to create a mark in the phone industry. For instance, the Serene handset appears more like a lady’s powder box.


Compulab Exeda is yet another example that boasts of dual-boot features & other high-end specs, but offers an unappealing design.



TV-Remote shaped

The Toshiba G450 appears similar to a TV Remote control and grabs attention due to its odd design. The handset features three circles on its outer body, with the first one sporting a small OLED display, followed by number keys on the other 2 circles.




Elfoid is probably the creepiest in this list, with the handset shaped like a human of unknown gender & age. The manufacturers claim that the intent behind this phone was to deliver a more human phone experience.


Apart from the above-mentioned phones, there are several other handsets that seem outlandish at first glance, such as the circular Golden Buddha phone, watch-strap shaped Aesir Copenhagen, and many more.

So during your next smartphone purchase, would you dare to try any of these peculiar makes, or would you opt for the traditional rectangular shaped handset?  

We would love to know your views & opinions in the comments box below!

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