5 Bollywood Celebs That Are Craving For iPhone 6, But Can’t Afford It!

This is a piece of fiction talking about 5 celebs that want to buy Iphone6, but are unable to buy it. The excuses are based on their personality and social standing!

Apple has launched their latest smartphone, Iphone 6 and it has taken the world by storm.

Obviously, it has become a craze in India as well even though it will be launched here in next couple of months.

However, for globetrotters, buying it from USA and bringing it here is no big deal. When it comes to our beloved celebrities, it is even more easier and actually a status symbol to flaunt the latest gizmos as soon as they are launched in the market.

However, there are certain celebs that are dying to lay their hands on this latest phone, but due to some pathetic self-inflicted circumstances, they are not able to afford it.

Here are the reasons for the same:

1) Shahid Kapoor

He is a cute guy, but is habitual of giving multiple flops in a row before any of his film works. For example, before his super-duper hit Jab We Met, he gave a string of flops! In recent times, he made sure that his producers lost a lot of money due to R..Rajkumar and Phata Poster Nikla Hero! How can we expect him to have enough balance in his banks to afford such a costly phone? We really wish that his next venture, Haider becomes a runaway hit so the poor fellow is able to buy the gadget and is able to regain some respect!

2) Sunny Leone

Do we need to give the reasons? Well, for those who want it to be explicitly told rather than using idling-away brains to get the hint, where is Sunny going to keep the phone? As such it is so difficult for her to wear and manage clothes on her body, now to have another accessory and that too a big one, it is nearly impossible to handle it! Let the poor girl get used to wearing clothes, other accessories can wait!

3) Alia Bhatt

No, the maker of Iphone 6, Apple is not discriminating people on the basis of their intelligence so Alia does have equal rights to buy the phone. In her case, it seems she is really insecure about it! She does wants to buy it, but going by her height and figure, which is short and petite, the longer and slimmer version of Iphone6 will give her a really tough competition! Both will look like same if put together! Now which girl would want to carry and flaunt her own competition right with her, 24X7? Got it, guys?

4) Abhishek Bachchan

Going by the way his career graph is moving Abhishek is in a great dilemma about how to buy this gadget! From being a lead actor, he has entered the character actor group with his next film with Shahrukh Khan, Happy New Year! If this was not enough, soon Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, his wife, will be playing Shahrukh’s love-interest in their soon-to-be-made movie. It is not easy to splurge after getting demoted, right Abhi? After all, earlier his dad, Amitabh Bachchan supported him, now he must be feeling shy in taking his more successful wife’s help, right? We think, it is ok Aby baby, it’s all in the family, and they still love you. Go ask them for a gift!

5) Sajid Khan

In Sajid’s case, it is a different story altogether. This time Apple guys are trying to block a potential sale to him. Reasons are obvious, the way he made Humshakals and tortured the whole world, the company must be shit scared of giving the product of their hard labor in his hands. Who knows he might try to make a copy of the phones and result in the whole bloody company getting collapsed? Sajid has special powers of making sure that one failure is bigger than many hits given together! Good decision, Apple people; don’t sell it to him! Spare us from another Sajid torture!

So these are the top 5 celebs we think that must be trying desperately to get an iPhone 6. Surely there would be many more who either cannot afford it or don’t deserve it. Any suggestions?

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