Apple 12 Inch MacBook Air: It’s On The Way

Apple 12 Inch MacBook Air has already created waves. With a chic look, lightweight, superior picture quality, and lightening fast speed this product from Apple may just be the next big thing.

The world is eagerly waiting for the launch of the next product from Apple – the Retina MacBook Air.

The company had unveiled its prevalent MacBooks at the WWDC in June 2013, and the industry veterans predict the launch of the Apple 12 Inch MacBook Air this year in June at the same event. Apple is yet to disclose all the features of this product, and hence, there is a little uncertainty in a few areas. 


A great of blend of the positives of the 11-inch & 13-inch MacBook Air, the Apple 12 Inch MacBook Air Laptop with added features will give its competitors a run for their money.

Its intricate touchpad powered by optical sensors assures an unbelievable user experience. Expected to have a display resolution of 2304×1440, the Retina Display feature of Apple 12 Inch MacBook Air guarantees impeccable picture quality with the finest pixel density making it impossible to distinguish between each pixel. Equipped with a light sensor, the device automatically adjusts as per the brightness of its environment, making the picture quality even better. With a subtle glare, it promises to offer an out of this world experience for its users.

Apple may remove the fan and create a thin and no-noise product for the customer’s convenience. With an all-day battery, superior display, latest processor, contemporary images, stylish looks, and more, this product promises an amazing amalgamation of the best in computing technology.

It also boasts of 3.0 & 2.0 USB ports, exceptionally fast Wi-Fi with 802.11ac wireless internet, and a 720p HD Camera for perfect clicks & awesome video chatting.

Expected to don a durable aluminum body, some other impressive features include hyper threading for fast speed, power saving processor for better battery life, an all-Flash storage making it light in weight, a Thunderbolt port that connects to the contemporary devices, and more.

What to Expect?

The users may expect a product that is easy to handle like the 11-inch model and has high productivity like the 13-inch MacBook. The swerve touchpad and superior display quality are the main features that may attract its prospective buyers. The expected Apple 12 Inch MacBook Air Price range is Rs 72,000 to Rs. 85,000.

It is also interesting to see if Apple would withdraw one or both of its earlier MacBooks (11-inch & 13-inch). However, considering the present scenario, the 11-inch model may see the exit way.

The industry would look forward to the Apple 12 Inch MacBook Air Review and the response from the users.

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