6 Reasons Why Mobiles Are Better Than Desktops

Are smartphones better than desktops, or do the latter still is a tough competitor in the computer market? There are several factors to consider before you finally take your pick.

Whilst deciding on computing devices, nowadays, you are spoilt with myriad of choices. There are several computing devices available in the commercial market – from desktops to smartphones. Both can run software (applications) and offer computing capabilities. So what would be the result of a Desktop vs. Smartphone war? 

Are smartphones better than desktops, or do the latter still is a tough competitor in the computer market? There are several factors to consider before you finally take your pick. 

Firstly, it is about Power of the processors. The more powerful your processor, the smoother you will be able to work. As far as computers are concerned, they are packed with greater amount of power and cooling. On the other hand, the smartphones are compact devices. They do not have the ability to provide the same amount of power and cooling and are limited to lower voltage processors. However, with time these processors are becoming more powerful and advanced. 

Secondly, the screen sizes for desktop computers are definitely bigger. Their standard monitor sizes are between 17″ and 19″ and you can also connect these to larger display units, for instance, TV or projectors. Smartphones, however, feature a screen size that does not exceed 10″. However, the resolution of the some of the handheld devices is quite outstanding in spite of being compact. Mobile gives you an edge when you are looking for compactness in your device. 

Thirdly, portability is a huge factor why mobiles are generally preferred over the desktops. Computers are not mobile in any way. Laptops can be considered mobile to a certain extent, alright, but they will definitely not fit into your pockets. In comparison to standard mobiles, the smartphones are definitely bigger. But these are lightweight devices that can easily fit into a purse or pockets. Hence these are more portable when compared to desktops. Use all the latest features, apps, while on the go and while you are not using them, keep the device in your pocket. How cool is that? 

Fourthly, the cost of the desktops varies greatly depending on its configuration and brand. Similarly, the price of the smartphones will also vary depending on the features and its power. However, a powerful desktop will cost you more than a smartphone. Simply said, smartphones are cool. 

Fifthly, connectivity is another factor where these two devices differ. You can easily connect your smartphone to a 3G network but the computers do not come with the necessary equipment. Smartphones make use of data plans that allow them to be connected to the Internet and at 3G or 4G speed. 

Sixthly, as far as the storage capacity is concerned, desktops can have over 1TB hard drives. Storage is never an issue with desktops as they generally are packed with 250 GB hard drive. Smartphones come with both in-built storage and expandable memories, ranging from 8 GB to 64 GB. 

Besides these, the Operating System and data input system also differentiates the two devices. Nowadays you can connect your tablets to a compact keyboard and use them as net books. However, both desktops and mobiles have their separate advantages that are hard to beat. If you have any points on Desktop vs. Smartphone war, do mention them in the comments section!  

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