How To Lose Weight When You’ve A Busy Schedule At Work

The nine to five rat race may make you sweat, but in real it is making you dull and drowsy. Here are a few suggestions you could follow to lose weight while you’re at work.

Yes, you love your job and your everyday schedule is as busy as it has never been. But, you’ve gained a lot since you joined your favourite desk job. The nine to five rat race may make you sweat, but in real it is making you dull and drowsy.  You thought of working out, but your work timing did not match the gym timing. I can totally understand your desperation to lose ounces of weight, which is why here are a few suggestions you could follow to lose weight while you’re at work. Take a look.

Start with a healthy breakfast

I was somebody who used to believe in eating my breakfast like a king, lunch like commoner and dinner like a beggar. For a past few days I strictly stuck to having milk with cornflakes or oats (without sugar) and I have noticed a major change in my system. While carbohydrates provide energy and deliver high fibre to help digestion, people tend to make the wrong carbohydrate choices reaching for sugary cereals, rather than who grains and fibre. You could either includes eggs in your breakfast along with cereals or fruits.

Tiffin services

Keep portions of your meal in control by packing your lunch instead of buying it. After all there is nothing better than home cooked food. I generally feel very drowsy right after consuming my lunch. Quite a number of people experience the same thing. While there are times when I take a nap in my cubicle, most of the times I go for a short walk in the office campus, thirty minutes after I finish having my lunch. That does not just diminish the drowsy feeling, but also helps digestion of the food.

Familiarize with surroundings

During your lunch hour, walk out to the neighbouring pharmacy and get yourself a shampoo or any other medicine you would have waited to shop for on the weekend. Running these errands during your breaks rather than using your vehicle during weekend will keep you active and save your fuel as well.

Walk and talk

Smart or not, every phone manufacturer give you a headset to use with the phone. Get yourself into a habit of walking while talking than being sedentary throughout the day and then spending an hour at the gym. At work or not, I generally tend to walk while I am on the phone, and no, I am not blabbering about my perfect health, just sharing with you, what helps me be active throughout the day.

Stretching at work

A few stretching exercises at work keeps away the drag-feeling. You could try the neck stretch or spine stretch to help you out. The neck stretch involves sitting cross-legged on the floor or chair (if it’s big enough) and placing your left hand on right side of your head to pull your head towards your left shoulder. The spine stretch involves raising your arms straight overhead, keeping your back and legs straight and bending at hips to rest your arms on a chair. The posture you get is a ninety degree angle between your legs and arms. Apart from releasing your stress, stretching also prevents spondilitis in risky cases. 

By making healthier food choices, managing stress via candy and caffeine control and employing a few physical activities at work, you can easily lose a few pounds without taking any extra effort after your work timings.

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