5 Ways In Which You Can Flirt Healthy!


Flirt – You like her. She really likes you too but you both are stuck somewhere.

If you are in such a situation break the ice by getting into some healthy flirting. Health flirting is the easiest way to impress the one you really like and earn some brownie points too. The question is what one really should keep in mind while being flirty with caution?

Hmm! It is actually simple. All you have to do is be cool and extremely subtle. Everyone likes to have someone around who is a bit flirty with them in all good spirits. Here are five ways in which you try flirting healthy…

Take a note!

Always make eye contact


Let the eyes do the talking. A lot of times things are understood even without spoken words. Don’t stare the other person but make sure there is a spark. Always, make sure you look into the eyes while a conversation is on. Don’t get distracted by other external factors.

Please avoid cheesy pick up lines


Be original if you have to flirt healthy. Don’t read up on internet for pick up lines and turn off the other person with your conversation. Never get inspired by films or books and get into a situation that might back fire you. Come up with some smart words and interesting talks.

Try to tickle the funny bones  


Being funny makes things easy. There should always be a fun element in the air. Be wise and make sure you make the other person giggle. Funny people are considered to be really good healthy flirts. While you are joking around make sure you don’t go overboard. 

Pay compliments


Who doesn’t like to hear compliments? And, if it comes from someone who you really like, your day is made. Keep these little things in mind and craft your words accordingly. Make sure you sound genuine. One likes fake good words. Make the person feel special with your words.  

Let there always be curiosity


Having done all these sweet little things make sure you leave a conversation that will make the other person curious. You could also look at dropping in some surprises. Do all this with good amount of intelligence and positive energy. At the end of the day, you might want to keep these moments going for that special person.

So, love and be loved.

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