16 Women Reveal The Worst Thing A Man Told Them In An Attempt To Flirt With Them!

Worst Flirting Stories

Worst Flirting Stories – Flirting, sometimes, can be cute and sometimes, it can be cheap.

Have you ever flirted? Or is there anyone who tried to flirt with you? You know; the world is big and FLIRTING is common these days. Some have experienced it as cute whereas others experienced it to be the worst. You know; even while flirting, you should not cross the line. I mean; the pickup lines shouldn’t be cheap or abusive (You know what I mean) On Reddit, women shared the worst thing a man told them while flirting. IF you have already been in that scenario, then these will surely make you remember yours.

Worst Flirting Stories –

  1. A guy told me he was done going out with attractive women and now just wanted to date someone nice instead.
  2. “I know we don’t know each other well so let’s play a little game! Imagine I’m a tiny man that lives in your shoe. Tell me what I’d do. Go!”
  3. I had a guy tell me “you were a lot more interesting before you started talking” and then continue to flirt with me.
  4. “It must be hard for a guy to flirt with you considering he can’t get you drunk and stupid.”
  5. We met on tinder. Our first date, he picks me up in his car and as he’s pulling out of the lot, make a joke about raping and murdering me.
  6. I was working the bar with a friend of mine a few years back. This older guy walked up to her and in front of everyone told her that he “wants to murder her v***na.”
  7. I love how athletic you are – you have a really nice body – but you would look much better with implants. WTF, man?
  8. “Honestly, for a Black chick you’re pretty hot. Are you sure you aren’t mixed?”
  9. “Damn, girl. You shit with that ass?!”
  10. “I wouldn’t mind planting a seed in you and watching it grow.” It creeped me out so much.
  11. “[Your friend] is the kind of girl a man marries. You’re the kind of girl a man keeps in his bed while his wife is at work.”
  12. “I named my dog after you”
  13. I work in retail and once and a while this Pepsi vendor guy will come in and deliver our stock for the week. He always tells me how beautiful I am and comments on my physique. Anyway, a few months ago he comes in early in the morning and does his thing in the back. As he gets to leaving he stops in front of the registers and says: “Girl, you lucky you ain’t out in the parking lot or I would of thrown you in the back of my truck“. And then winks. It was so creepy.
  14. You’re not THAT old….
  15. “You’re lucky I like girls with extra meat on their bones….I’m not like other guys…..I love how thick you are.” Basically calling me fat while simultaneously trying to get in my pants.
  16. “If you lost weight you’d be a ten.”

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