This List Of “Worst Break-Up Reasons” Will Leave You Speechless!

Worst Break-up Reasons

“Worst Break-up Reasons”

No doubt, Break-up is a hard thing to deal with. But, the reason someone gives while breaking up sometimes hurts the most, right? Talking about the reasons, do you have an ex-partner who gave a silly or a pathetic reason to break up with you? Like seriously, the worst one which still keeps you confused or simply makes you laugh.

Alright, you might have been through that situation (I’ll guess so) Well then, let me tell you that you’re not the ONLY ONE in that boat. Yes, because these Reddit users shared the worst reason their partner gave ‘em while breaking up. Trust me, the reasons make no sense at-all and these people are equally puzzled like you.

Here the worst break-up reasons: –

  1. “My girlfriend broke up with me because her best-friend broke up with her boyfriend a couple of days before. I didn’t even know our relationship was tied together like that.”
  2. I love you too much and I don’t want to lose you so let’s just be friends instead.”
  3. She called me one morning and said she had a dream that I grabbed her ass in public in front of a bunch of her family and friends. She said she couldn’t be with someone who would just do that and think it’s okay…I didn’t know what to say. She broke up with me because of how I acted in her dream. It really makes me laugh when I think of it now but at the time I really was confused as to how that was a plausible thing in her head.
  4. She told me she was young and “supposed to experience her life and party and have fun”. This was the start to 2016. But the start of her 2017 is her baby being born because she got drunk in the party. Oh…Oh the irony.
  5. “He and I went to a music festival in college. In case you’ve never been, there are tons of hot girls running around basically naked. Once we got back home, he started moping around and eventually broke up with me because “he realized there are so many hot girls out there and he wanted to try to sleep with somebody hotter.”
  6. I graduated high school on time and she didn’t.
  7. Just the time-honoured “I’ve never really been on my own so I want to experience being single and find out who I am.” Within six months she was married. Guess she found herself pretty quickly.
  8. I got a new haircut (use to always have my hair long and cut it quite short this time) and this girl I was seeing told me she didn’t like it and she didn’t find me attractive anymore. In my desperate teenage self I tried to tell her that it was just a haircut and that it would grow back in no time. But she was having none of it and she dumped me right there.
  9. “Going to college with a boyfriend is like taking a bucket of sand to the beach” – Let’s break-up 🙁
  10. Dated for about 9 months and she broke up with me because I was bald…But, I was bald way before I met her.
  11. The worst reason was he didn’t even a reason at all, just stopped talking to me in a middle of the conversation, blocked my number and blocked me on all social media platforms. And then, once I saw him in public and he acted completely as though I wasn’t there. I still don’t even know the reason.
  12. “I’m sure you can find someone better than me” – BITCH, I’m still single!

What do you think about these worst break-up reasons? Comment below.

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