Five Women Who ‘Baby Trapped’ Their Boyfriend And They Don’t Regret

Baby Trap

Baby Trap – Seem’s like some woman out there has laid emotional trap for her man. You might be wondering what that could be!!

The Baby Trap! This is the new kind of trap that woman are laying down for their men. They get pregnant, by making the boyfriend believe they are on birth control.

This could be some kind of bad trick that some of the women play. But why is the question that must be bugging your brain right now! Well, we see a lot of reasons that these women come up with for tricking their men. Some do for the financial security, some to hold back her man, some to steal the man from his current partner and many other weird reasons.

So, here we got you some such confessions made by women on Whisper, of how they trapped – I mean baby trapped their men. Here you.

How they Baby Trap –

  1. Conceived just by telling him that I was on birth control. And now this is more beautiful, than what I actually thought would be!! Lucky me.

I had no other option, other than just playing this little trick of not using the birth control. And then a happy man, who is all mine – followed by a super cool daddy, he is!! Lucky and blessed, I am.

  1. I need him. I need him to be with me for the rest of my life and I finally decided to baby trap him.

Though this may sound egoistic for many of you, I feel that is my only way of expressing my love and making him mine, mine alone.

Lol! Perfect trap, lady! 

  1. I’ve put good number of holes in the condom 😉 and now am pregnant. I think I succeeded in my attempt to hold him back with me.

Haha! Probably the naughtiest side of me. But, I had no other go – but just to trick him and make him come inside me. And that got me pregnant, having his little kid growing inside me.

  1. I wish to get married to my already married boyfriend. So, I decided to make him ‘papa’ first, that would definitely make him stay with me for this life.

I got my strings so badly attached to this man that I decided to make this already married man – mine, only mine.

  1. Wanna be his wife and mumma for his kidoo. So, gifted him ‘fatherhood’.

And now its just me, him and our baby.

Some really weird set of baby traps that some woman had confessed. But at the end of the day, I feel all these have perfectly planned to make love too. Pity, I feel for those men but at times men fail to give commitment and women have no choice than being playing “Victim card”.

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