Why Singlehood Is Super Cool?

There are few traits that stand out in the crowd when you are in your Singlehood. Here are few observations on why being single is super cool….

It is said that being in love is the most beautiful thing in the world. There are many who don’t buy this thought. These are people who prefer being single by choice. These set of individuals have a very different personality that is at many times difficult to understand.

Oh, wait a minute I am not saying they fall into some extra-terrestrial category. All I am saying is that they have distinct qualities that are profound. They always have traits that stand out in the crowd. Here are few observations that I have made on why these souls actually think singlehood is a super cool…

The term possessiveness doesn’t exist in your dictionary

When you are in a relationship you are constantly under pressure. You don’t want to be tagged as the one who is possessive. Unfortunately in this process you end up doing everything that makes you a nosy person. When you are single you don’t really understand what possessiveness means, which is a good thing. You are happy with every little thing that comes to your way.   


You save up a lot of money for yourself

Though it is said that love doesn’t attract anything material in nature there is always an expectation you have. You need to please the love of your life for every occasion. Celebrations keep happening all the time. Those long late night calls, long drive and off course the special gifts don’t come for free. When you are single you have all the money to yourself. You can buy all that you have wished for yourself and go hit the road alone to discover the world.


Your words are always taken seriously by the ones who are in a relationship

It is a fact that when people are in love they are lost in their sweet world. During does rocky days they have absolutely no idea whom to talk it out. The only person who can give them some good advice is the one who is single. Interestingly, the words of people who are single make a lot of sense.


You are your own boss  

During singlehood you don’t have any expectations to meet. You have to make yourself happy. There is no other person poking in between with everything that you keep doing. You always feel like you are the ruler of your life. You have all the liberty to do whatever comes to your mind without thinking twice.


You have best set of friends

The best part about being single is that you can be with your friends all the time. You don’t have to make a separate schedule to hangout with them. You can laugh, cry, shout out loud, get sloshed and most importantly love as many people as you want at the same time when you are happy and single.


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