Why Do Marriages Fail Easily Nowadays?


Nowadays we hear about divorces so often.

Recently, we heard about Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar’s 15 year old relationship’ s break up news.

Sadly, the willingness to end marriage is on the rise among couples nowadays.

And it is not me who is saying, the reports also suggest the same. The data reveals how the divorce rate, which was just 1 in 1,000 ten years ago, has now has doubled and even tripled, especially in metros.

It is not like that divorce is new phenomena that we are witnessing but earlier divorces were due to issues like dowry, domestic violence, disputes but now couples are ready to part ways for trivial issues like “marriage is not working or we don’t like each other.

Here are some factors that we should ponder upon :

Marriage is taken for granted

People want easy love. Instead of settling down issues or quarrels, many go out and seek love in other person, this leads to infidelity and of course that leads to break up.Some are least bothered that their break up can end up hurting and creating problems for children and kin.

No one wants to compromise

Why we should settle for anything less when I have access to this- we think this way nowadays.

No Attempts Of Anger Management

Everyone is coping with stress. Due to work load, stress and anxiety everything takes a back seat. This often leads to anger outbursts but one should make sure that it should hamper relationships. Many reports reveal how usually break up happen more due to mood swings.

Problem of Communication

Tiffs are common thing among couples but if they are healthy. The tiff should lead to constructive problem solving but unfortunately many couples stop communicating and block each other completely which further aggravates the issues due to assumptions which are mind creates.


Some couples end up having give and take relationship. It is important to love and respect each other unconditionally. When we start expecting in return of what we give then we start feeling bad.


We all have ego but the problem arises when ego turns in to selfish attempts.

Nobody is perfect

We have to accept this fact. Neither you or your partner is perfect, so finding ideal things (or the way you think is ideal) in your partner is wrong notion. Stop comparing your partner with ideal man or try to make him or her according to your ideals.

Couples who are having rough time in their marriage must consult counselors in order to fix the issues so that you can have a lasting relationship.

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