What He Says And What He Actually Means?

He Says And He Means

As much as guys believe that understanding what girls say is a difficult task, all girls believe the same.

Well, there are times when guys just say something and it actually means something that you might not have comprehended.

In that case, I totally empathize with you and this is why I have found out the most usual things that guys say and what they actually mean.

Here, find out: What He Says And He Means

1. “Okay, I am sorry.”

Did he say that? Well, it was just to end the fight because he knows that’s the only way you are going to stay calm. I hope you didn’t take it as a real apology.

2. “Yes, take your time.”

Every time your guy says that you can take your time in getting ready or whatsoever, he is lying. No one likes to wait and from inside, he is getting too irritated.

3. “You won’t like it, it’s a boring office party.”

To be precise, he just doesn’t want you to be there and that’s why there is an excuse of the boring party. Come on, why do you even want to crash his party?

4. “Can’t come but I will make it up to you.”

He is never going to make it up and the next time you will ask him to come soon, he will copy and paste the same dialogue. Well, you should have understood him this much as of now.

5. “You know I’d never do that.”

That’s the staple line my girl. Every time he does something intentionally or unintentionally wrong, he will make you guilty of questioning him by saying this line. Don’t you ever fall for this.

These are the examples of what He Says And He Means – So, next time your boyfriend says any of these things to you, I am sure you will understand what he really means. Well, tell him you are aware of those confusing words now.

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