Warning From Zodiacs! Save Yourself From The Breakup.


Break-up !!! “Oh god why me? I dedicated myself to this relationship.We were so compatible, then why this happened to us?” and the story continues.

Did you ever wonder why sometimes a perfect relation ends into a Break-up? Look at the stars, they are smiling and that is because they know the secret. Each one of us comes with certain traits, which are defined by our zodiac signs. What we think compatible can be mere attraction; actual compatibility is ruled by the zodiac signs. When people from two different zodiac signs get attracted and decides to be in a relationship, compatibility issues are bound to ascend if they have opposite traits.

Break-up warnings –


We know that, when one is in love nothing matters, but when it doesn’t work then don’t blame the stars. Attraction is just the tip of the iceberg. You never know what lies beyond that. We the millennials don’t believe in stars and astrology, at least according to what we say, but we are sure you must find it interesting to sneak into the fortune column, right? Keeping in mind your zone of interest, here we have come up with six pairs of zodiac signs which can be incompatible despite the attraction. Yes, dear incompatible! Because breakups hit when there is incompatibility, and there is nothing harm in knowing that.

Let’s make your dating experience better which may save you from a bitter Break-up. Even your astrological chart wants to see you happy buddy, thus the warning. Here are the unharmonious pairs, that must maintain safe distance to have harmony in their relation:


Aries and Cancer

Fire and water can never go together. Aries belongs to the fire element, which makes them peppy extroverts; bubbling with life. On the other hand, Cancer belongs to the water element. The cool water makes them introvert folks who don’t let their walls down easily. With the pole apart personalities, Aries and Cancer often struggles with the communication gap, rendering them to be one of the incompatible pairs. It’s better that the ram and the crab never shake hands, else they will end up locking the horns.


Taurus and Aquarius

The honest and loyal Taurus believes in a committed and long-term relationship. They believe in stability and look for equal dedication from their partners. But, our Aquarians are free birds, they love their freedom and don’t mind in trying, before getting into a serious relationship. The stubborn Taurus may get attracted towards the free-spirited Aquarius, who may find it equally tempting to nestle with a dedicated and committed partner. But with the passage of time, the story may spin other way. As per the traits according to their zodiacs, they may have a smooth take off in the air of love, but soon the pole apart trait turbulence may make them hit the ground.


Virgo and Gemini

One is a perfectionist and for another liberty matters more than perfection. The perfectionist Virgo looks for perfection in their relationships; they expect their companion to be caring, understanding and responsible as they are in the relation. But, the plot gets bumpy when the freedom loving Geminis refuses to be just as perfect as the Virgo partner. Geminis are very indecisive in nature and hateto be poked; and Virgos will keep on poking until they get perfection. So, respect your individual traits and find peace in distance Virgo and Gemini.


Libra and Capricorn

When a Libra and Capricorn are paired, they have to struggle hard to maintain a balance in their relationship because of their opposite individual trait. Libras are social beings, party animals; who loves to be surrounded by the friends. But the Capricorns are introvert and lazy people, who loves to be in their own comfort zone. They don’t like their partners to be surrounded by the friends; they believe in me-time. Capricorns are the happiest when they get peaceful and quality time to spend with their loved ones alone in their cozy corners. So, Libras it’s better to stay away from the Capricorns if you don’t want to miss your friends and parties.


Leo and Scorpio

Because of their good sexual compatibility, Leo and Scorpio may feel all the roses in the beginning of the relationship. The most striking thing about their pairing is that, both these signs share similar traits and this striking similarity creates the hullabaloo. Both Leo and Scorpio are adamant and dominating in nature, none is ready to adjust, and ‘compromise’ is an alien term for both of them. Two of the four pillars of a successful relation adjustment & compromise is nowhere in their vicinity, so it is better for them to stay away from each other.

Sagittarius and Pisces

The last pair, which can be mad for each other, but as per the zodiac is certainly not made for each other. Sagittarius is less compatible with Pisces. Sagittarius are quite focused and determined to make things happen with their innovative and enthusiastic approaches. But when it comes to Pisces, they are very indecisive in nature, which makes them totally different from their partner.

These are the zodiac couples which may be mad for each other but are bound to face the friction because of their opposite traits.

Now don’t get annoyed with us love-birds, we know “jab miya biwi raazi, toh kya karega kazi…”right? The happy thing is that, depending upon your level of commitment, adjustments and understanding some of these pairs make their relationship work, not only that they truly complement each other and prove “matches are made in heaven” and no star or sign can do any harm to their trust, respect and love for each other.

Love is beautiful. Not Break-up!

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