Keep These Tips In Mind While Dealing With Your Unwanted Lover

Unwanted lover

Unwanted lover makes life a lot more interesting than it really is.

You know they are always there to listen when you share your feelings & they even find ways to make you feel good about yourself. Isn’t it?

But, there are some unwanted lovers who are really crazy & you just can’t handle ‘em at times.

And, sometimes the words are not enough to explain ‘em that you don’t crush on ‘em at all. But still, one has to face this problem and get it done better in time before making it worse.

Here are the useful tips to keep in mind while dealing with your unwanted lover:-

  1. Respect & Understand his feelings

Only because he loves you doesn’t mean that you’ll act rude with him. Instead be polite and appreciate that he likes you because it is completely fine and not a big deal at all.

Understand his feelings towards you & have a sweet talk rather than insulting him.

  1. Make your point clear

Don’t overact because even you might fall for someone who doesn’t want you. So, to deal with your unwanted lover; expresses your feelings.

Tell him politely that you don’t have any sort of lovey-dovey feelings for him.

  1. Have a sweet talk

Even though he is a good and a genuine guy; it doesn’t mean to end the friendship only because now he loves you. It is completely fine to have a talk with him as a good friend.

And also while chit-chatting do make him feel that he is nothing more than a friend.

  1. Be vocal

Now that he loves you; it is quite obvious that he will flirt with you. But, if something goes wrong then just be vocal about it & let him know his fault.

  1. Don’t be flirtatious

Many think the guy will understand & so on but NO sometimes the crazy one’s never get it. Well, you yourself don’t be flirtatious as it might send some mixed signals & you will fall in the trap as well.

  1. If it’s getting too much then IGNORE him

If you sense; he is too obsessed & doing some really foolish things then just block him out and ignore whenever you see him.

This will help him understand that you’re certainly not interested.

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