10 Men Reveal About First Thing They Noticed About Their GF’s

Things that men noticed first in their girlfriends

Things that men noticed first in their girlfriends – We women from times immortal wondered what is that attracts men most, in woman  is it the looks, face, body, eyes, hair, dressing, heels, figure or what?  Well most of us dress to kill get everything on point from makeup to hair, to looks but still can’t figure what attracts men most.

Well we got some honest confessions from men who reveal the things that men noticed first in their girlfriends.

Things that men noticed first in their girlfriends –

  1. I first noticed her pretty eyes and yes her butt later!

Hmmm girls so you know what to pay attention to your eyes and?

  1. I noticed her confidence and her short dress she was looking hot AF

Ohh men will be men always!

  1. I first noticed her natural beauty she was in pajamas jogging and she looked so pretty in her real skin no makeup look and yes very confident!

Girls some men prefer natural beauty!

  1. I first noticed her bo**s while she was grooving in a disc and dancing like nobody is watching!

Ohh as expected few men scan the bodies first!

  1. I first noticed her laugh at a wedding she looked so pretty with that million dollar smile I fell for it!

Ohh how sweet!

  1. She was scrolling her phone and was waiting over a coffee meeting and she looked drop dead gorgeous with her hair flying on her face and those pretty eyes made me mad!

How cute is that, a bit filmy though!

  1. Strange but I noticed her back in a backless choli dancing at dandiya like Deepika her perfect figure and her dance made me fall in no seconds!

Men get seduced easily when they see women dancing in sexy costumes!

  1. She dazzled me with her personality her confidence, the ace with which she carried herself. She is beauty with brains and I fell for her smartness and confidence at first glance in office she is my manager!

Finally there are men also look at other aspects rather than body parts!

  1. I fell for her hazel colored eyes which looked out of the world and I also noticed her b***s !

Good one so girls pay attention to eyes,  lens and kajal are always at rescue!

  1. I don’t want to lie I checked out her sexy legs and thighs first she was wearing a short dress and she had long white sexy legs!

Shallow but honest enough!

So, these were few Things that men noticed first in their girlfriends do let us know if you have a story to tell about what your men noticed first in comments section below.

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