Things That Boyfriends Secretly Want Their Girlfriends To Know

Things that boyfriend wants from girlfriend

Things that boyfriend wants from girlfriend – They say it’s never a good practice to keep secrets, especially if you are in a committed relationship.

Although men in relationship claim to not having secrets, they do. (And I’m pretty sure that women have their share of secrets, too.)

I have always wondered if concealing facts makes people liars.

That actually depends on the perception of lie, which differs from person to person.

But to tell you the truth, we all have our secrets, even if we are in a relationship. Below, I highlight a few messages that boyfriends would love to secretly convey to their girlfriends.

Things that boyfriend wants from girlfriend –

We Ogle at Other #Women

This should not come as a surprise to you; if it does….well, now you know the truth. As a defence, I would just say that it is in the nature of humans to get excited when they see an interesting person of the opposite sex. Even women droll over Bollywood hunks, but we do not complain now, do we?

We Feel Encouraged to Send You on a #Girl’sNightOut

Okay, here it is. We love our occasional night alone. We like bringing our friends over to watch a movie or a sport that might be telecasted live. This is also the time when we get the freedom to behave like bachelors, play loud music and sing our lungs out. Also, playing video games is high up on our pastime list. Moreover, your absence develops the urge is us to see you. Expect a gift the next time we meet you.

We like #LivingFilthy

Do you think that while living as bachelors, we worried about hair in the drain? No. Never did care for it. All of it changed when women walked into our lives and left a mark on us about living a non-filthy life. Take a tour of our apartment in the morning to witness the filth that we live in. I’m sorry, but that’s one of the guy things and we can live with it.

We Looked You Up…Many Times

When we find a woman interesting, we tend to gather as much information about her as possible. Of course, our sources vary, as some of us use rather creepy ways. Nonetheless, most of us seek help of different social media platforms to learn more about you, your family and your background. And this does not happen just one time. We are like virtual stalkers, only not scary.

We Can Live Without Your #GlossyLipstick

Call me old school, but I favour natural lips brushing against my cheek for a tiny peck rather than lips with glossy lipstick, which leaves a visible mark.

We Appreciate #Compliments

We know that women love being complimented. But do you know that we like compliments too? This is your opportunity to see us blush, something that we do not do quite often (yeah! right).

We’d Love If You Paid the #RestaurantBill Once in a While

Although it is perceived as gentleman-ly when a guy pays the restaurant bill, we would appreciate that you took the effort on occasions. We do not say this out loud, but this is what we truly feel.

Secrets have their own place in a couple’s relationship. Whether they decide to share it or conceal it should be their own preference.

Things that boyfriend wants from girlfriend – What is life as an open book, after all?

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