Signs That Say You Will Be Dumped Soon

You Will Be Dumped

When you are in a relationship, you somehow forget about everything and just keep drowning in it.

But suddenly the day comes when your partner decides to walk out of the relationship and it becomes really hard to handle. Well, you don’t see that coming because you don’t pay attention to it.

But if you want to save yourself from that shock of being dumped, you need to look out for these signs that clearly say you will be dumped soon.

1. They have started cancelling dates

Earlier you used to go on regular dates and you both loved spending time with each other but for your partner, it has all changed. Those dates are more of a burden for them and that’s why every time you make a plan, they cancel on you with excuses.

2. They are never available on phone

When you call them whole day, they say that they are busy at work. And in the night, they always say that they are tired and need to sleep. Well, your partner is simply ignoring you and it’s time that you realize it too.

3. It’s been long that you heard ‘I love you’

No matter what happens between a couple, these three words fix everything in a moment. But for you two, these words just vanished somewhere and you have no clue about the last time you heard ‘I love you’.

4. Sex has reduced

While it used to be steamy and hot earlier, it has went down to zero nowadays. It has happened because your partner has stopped feeling any sort of attachment towards you and physical intimacy is no more the thing that would made them stick to it.

5. Every time you talk, you fight

Without any reason, you both just start fighting every time you talk. It is because your partner is not able to understand you anymore and everything you say is quite irritating for them. Therefore, fights are all that is left between you two.

These are the signs that say that you will be dumped.  If you can see all these signs around you, it’s time for you to realize that you’re going to get dumped very soon. So, either talk to your partner or just stay prepared for the moment to come.

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