6 Sensual Honeymoon Activities That Are Not Sex!


All newlyweds must note that sex is not the only ‘sexy activity’ that couples can do during their honeymoon.

There are several other great ways to keep sparks flying.

Now many may have questions like which are the activities one can have with their partners during their very first outing after marriage?

Gander below to know some sensual honeymoon activities that will make your honeymoon an unforgettable trip.

1.  Touching each other in innocent ways.

Touching and caressing each other is indeed a great feeling and it is also the prelude to (ahem) some night activities. You can make each other feel blissful by merely cuddling, caressing one’s hair, fondling the neck, tickling or gazing at each other.


2.  Indulge in massages.

Couples can pamper by giving each other massages or by having massages at spas. These sensual massages are a great way to make your partner feel relaxed and soothed.


3.  Share breakfast in bed.

Sharing breakfast is another sexy thing couples can do. Especially men can go an extra mile and make some scrumptious breakfast for their lady love. Everyone would accept that there is nothing sexier than a man cooking breakfast.


4.  Have a great time by having a cozy movie date.

It’s super fun to enjoy a movie with your spouse plus it’s a real turn on. Catch up some lovey-dovey romantic to risque flicks that will amp up a steamy atmosphere.


5.  Go for an amazing couple dance.

Having sensuous couple dance during honeymoon is one of the awesome ways to get close. So if you both love to shake a leg or two then you must find a local pub nearby and hit the dance floor together.


6.  Fun Activity : An intimate Photo session.

Have a photo session; take some warm and personal snaps of each other in the privacy of the room. You can have your personal photo album as a wonderful keepsake of your honeymoon trip.


Mark these fun activities on your must-do list for your honeymoon that will only enhance and make your honeymoon more memorable.

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